JavaScript Maps: Add-On

Premium Map Pack

Premium Map Pack is a collection of high-quality maps that can be used with JavaScript Maps engine. It’s not a replacement for JavaScript Maps. It adds a lot of unique, high-quality continental and regional maps. We have them all listed further down this page.

The Pack is not available for free download. It comes with a purchase of a commercial license of JavaScript Maps. To acquire a license, head over to our Online store.

Please note, that the purchase of this add-on does not include the license for the JavaScript Maps.

Two versions of the World map with U.S. states

World map with U.S. states  World map with U.S. states and Antarctica

A Pacific-centered world map

Pacific-centered World map

6 versions of Continental maps

Those include different approaches on how Russia is depicted as well as come in two versions: with and without Antarctica.

Continents map Continents map with Antarctica Continents map with all of the Russia in Europe Continents map with all of the Russia in Europe with Antarctica Continents map with all of the Russia in Asia Continents map with all of the Russia in Asia with Antarctica

A world regions map

A mod of the continents map with separate regions for Middle East, Central America and Caribbean.

World regions map

Regional maps

Separate maps for all continents and regions that are available in the map above (makes an awfully good candidate for possible drill-down scenarios)

Map of Africa Map of Asia Map of Caribbean Map of Central America Map of Europe Map of Latin America Map of Middle East Map of North America Map of North America without Greenland Map of Oceania Map of South America