What payment options do you support?

Credit card, PayPal, wire transfer or purchase order.


 Can I pay using purchase order?

Purchase order is available for orders valued 250EUR or more.


 Is this subscription or one time fee?

A: It's one time fee.


 When will I receive purchased products?

If you use instant payment options like Credit card or PayPal you will be able to
the software immediately after purchase. Other payment types will incur some
until your payment or purchase order clears.


 Are all your products delivered electronically?

Yes. There will be no physical shipping of the products.


 I’m a little confused about which license type to choose. Can you help me figure it out?

Please visit this page which provides some explanation about available license types.


 Will I receive an official invoice?

Yes, you will receive a receipt by email.


 I’m a business incorporated in a EU country. Do I have to pay VAT?

No. Just enter your EU VAT ID in the appropriate field on the checkout page.

I’m currently using free version of your product. Will I need to change anything in my code in order to use commercial version?
No. You will just need to replace product binaries with the different ones that will be made to
you available for download after purchase.


 Can I receive an official quotation?

Absolutely. Please contact us directly at contact@amcharts.com or use our online contact form.


 Can I purchase through a reseller?

Yes. Lots of companies purchase our products through resellers. Chances are that your favorite software vendor is already set up as amCharts reseller. Just ask them. Make sure you explain exactly what products and license types do you need.