Dear Data – An Inspirational DataViz Book Can Be Yours

Every month we give away a dataviz book to one of our newsletter subscribers. Last month it was the classic The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tufte. And the book is on its way to India to Abdul Haseeb from Trading System API. We are continuing the tradition of following a practical […]

DataViz Tip #24: Use Eye-Candy to Attract Attention

In the purest data visualization world, things that detract from the comprehension of the data are often frowned upon. Things like 3D charts, visual effects, and other purely aesthetic enhancements are often considered a no-no. This point of view is perfectly valid and even valuable in a world where you create scientific reports or visualizations […]

DataViz Tip #22: Let Simplest Visualizations Lead Your Thought Process

When you get your raw data there’s usually a very straightforward way to visualize it “as is.” Instead of looking at the raw data trying to figure out interesting angles just make the simplest chart (from the data perspective) and let what you see guide your further efforts. Every month I create reports about the […]

DataViz Tip #21: Explanatory vs. Exploratory Charts

Sometimes you create charts to tell some specific story or drive a point home. Like in this chart of the stock market performance during 2016 US Presidential election night taken from this CNN article: Other times you just want to give your viewers a great tool to explore the data and make their own conclusions. […]