JavaScript Maps: Add-On

County Map Pack

Formerly known as “U.S. County Maps” this add-on now contains county maps for these countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom,  Australia, Germany, France and Mexico.

United States Counties

The U.S. County Maps is a collection of 50 separate maps – one for each state as well as a couple of versions of all-US county maps. Each map is subdivided into official counties. Each county is named and ID’ed using FIPS codes.

All countries

The all-US maps come in two versions: with a single border area for all of the states and a with a separate border for each of the states so that you can color an outline for each of the states individually.

The maps can be used with our JavaScript Maps product.

This map pack is not available for free download. It comes with a purchase of a commercial license of JavaScript Maps. To acquire a license, head over to our Online store.

A few screenshots

County map of the whole of the United States Texas county map    

Live demo of a Wyoming heat map

See the Pen US County heat map sample (Wyoming) by amCharts (@amcharts) on CodePen.0

Working with state outlines

Starting with version 3.20.9, JavaScript Maps now accept area property outline which indicates the area is not an active filled area but rather an outline.

Using this property you can set a distintive style for state outlines for the all-county maps. I.e.:

"dataProvider": {
  "map": "akCounties",
  "getAreasFromMap": true,
  "areas": [{
    "id": "US",
    "outline": true,
    "outlineColor": "#00c",
    "outlineThickness": 1,
    "outlineAlpha": 0.3

The second version of all-county map (i.e. usCounties2) contains separate outlines for each individual state, so you can set the colors using their respective codes, i.e. “US-CA”, “US-TX”, etc.