JavaScript Maps Change Log

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  • Bug fix: if lines were arcs, middle-positioned arrows sometimes could be placed in a wrong position
  • Bug fix: if lines were arcs, images animating along them could be placed in wrong position
  • Bug-fix: roll-out event was not fired for selected areas.


  • When tabbing through areas or images (in case tabIndex is set), roll-over balloon is displayed


  • Some rendering issues because of a bug in new Chrome release fixed.


  • accessibleDescription added to AmChart class. It is added as <desc> element of a SVG. Most of screen readers will read this description.
  • Bug fix: link to amcharts (free version) was not updating it’s position if chart area was resized.
  • Bug fix: MapImage with animateAlongLine=true was shown of a incorrect size for a moment before animating.


  • Some maps added/updated.
  • Arc drawing improved.


  • Some maps added.


  • Some maps added.


  • Bug fix: Child images were placed under parent images.


  • Bug fix: chart.clear() was not properly clearing the chart from memory in case chart was create with JSON config.
  • Some maps added.


  • Some maps added.


  • Bug fix: animateAlongLine:true was causing memory leak.
  • Bug fix: animating map images could go out of sync even with the exactly the same settings after some time of animation.
  • Some maps were added.


  • Maps with wrapped coordinates now support Miller, Mercator and Equirectangular projections.


  • Bug fix: when balloon was close to top edge of the container, it did not change it’s orientation and was hidden behind container area.
  • Bug fix: image was not positioned correctly if it was positioned on an arc line.
  • Bug fix: changing map dataProvider.lines and .images when chart was animating caused errors to be displayed in the console.
  • New maps added


  • Bug fix: in case preventDragOut was set to true, the allowed extremes were calculated incorrectly with some of the maps.
  • New maps added.


  • Some new maps added.


  • Some new maps added.


  • Export plugin updated.


  • New maps added.
  • Plugins updated.


  • Some maps were updated.


  • Export plugin updated.
  • New maps added.


  • Label was placed in incorrect position next to MapImage in some cases.


  • Bug fix: selectedScale of MapImage was not working properly.
  • Bug fix: label position next to MapImage was not always correct.
  • Bug fix: legend was not positioned properly if bottom property was set.
  • Some new maps added.


  • bubble image type was displayed as simple image, without gradient.
  • outline property added to MapArea. If you set it to true, only outlines of the area will be displayed and this object will not be clickable and will always stay above the areas. Default value is false.
  • Bug fix: if some Map Object was selected, and the screen was resized so that map scale was changed, map elements could be shifted to incorrect positions.
  • Bug fix: min and max labels next to ValueLegend were not using precision and other number formatting options.


  • Background under labels was not positioned correctly in case label was multi-line.
  • Bug fix: Map was not zoomed to exact location of the click on small map control.
  • Some new maps were added.


  • Some new maps were added.


  • Some new maps were added.


  • descriptionClosed event was added to AmMap.
  • Some new maps were added.


  • tabIndex property added to: AreasSettings, ImagesSettings, LinesSettings and MapObject. In case you set it to some number, the chart will set focus on this element when user clicks tab key. When a focus is set, screen readers like h NVDA Screen reader will read label which is set using accessibleLabel property of the same elements. If the element is clickable, pressing Enter on the keyboard will do the same as if user clicked on this element with mouse. Note, at the moment not all browsers support tabIndex on SVG elements. At the moment Chrome and Opera do support this well. Here is full compatibility table. This feature makes the maps more accessible.
  • A lot of new maps added.
  • Touch behavior improved.
  • autoTransform property added to AmChart with default value false. If you set it to true and your map div (or any of the parent div) has css scale applied, the chart will position mouse at a correct position. Default value is false because this operation consumes some CPU and quite a few people are using css transfroms.
  • Bug fix: clicking on small map could result zoom in wrong position (in some specific cases only).


  • Another memory leak problem fixed (happened if you have export enabled and then created a chart and destroyed it by calling chart.clear() method).
  • Some maps added.


  • Memory leak problem fixed (happened if you created a chart and then destroyed it by calling chart.clear() method).


  • Bug fix: Wrapped maps were not positioning MapImages properly.
  • Some maps added.


Since v 3.20.0 we added basic support of accessibility.

  • Property accessible added to AmChart class, with default value true. When enabled, chart adds aria-label attributes to columns, bullets or map objects. You can control values of these labels using properties listed below. Note, not all screen readers support these tags. We tested this mostly with NVDA Screen reader. WAI-ARIA is now official W3 standard, so in future more readers will handle this well. We will be improving accessibility on our charts, so we would be glad to hear your feedback.
  • Property, accessibleTitle added to AmChart class. This title will be read by screen reader.
  • Property accessibleLabel added to AreasSettings with default value [[title]] [[value]] [[description]]
  • Property accessibleLabel added to ImagesSettings with default value [[title]] [[description]]
  • Property accessibleLabel added to LineSettings with no default value.
  • If you want to set individual accessible label for MapObject, you can use accessibleLabel of MapObject for this purpose.


  • Bug fix: calling line.validate() when map was zoomed-in resulted a thicker line.


  • Bug fix: tapToActivate was not working properly on some devices.
  • Bug fix: in some cases MapImage animating along curved line was moving in the wrong arc.
  • Bug fix: map was shifted down if a container div was hidden and then shown again.
  • Arrows of lines look better now, especially on thick lines.
  • New property, shiftArrow added to MapLine and LineSettings, default value false. If you set it to true, the arrow base will start at the end of a line (otherwise arrow end is at the end of a line).


  • Some new maps added.


  • New property, touchClickDuration added to AmChart class. Default value is 0, but if you set it to 200 (milliseconds) or so, the chart will fire clickMapObject event and perform actions related with a click only if user holds his finger for 0.2 seconds (200 ms) on the area or image or line.
  • Bug fix: getAreaCenterLatitude and getAreaCenterLongitude returned incorrect coordinates (since 3.19.0)
  • forceNormalize  property added to AmMap. Default value is false. If you set it to true, the map will redraw all the areas, normalizing paths. This might be needed if you use SVG filters with areas.


  • zoomToGroup method was not working properly (since 3.19.0)
  • code cleanup.


  • fixToStage and fixToMap methods were not working properly (since 3.19.0)
  • JS error could occur in some cases if responsive plugin was used.


  • Big news – our JavaScript maps now support a lot of new projections. And you don’t need new maps for that – all our maps, that are made using Mercator projection (most of them are) can change projection easily – you can either set it initially using projection property of AmMap or change it at run time using map.setProjection(projection) method. Supported projections are: Winkel 3 (used by National Geographic), Eckert 3, Eckert 5, Eckert 6, Miller and Equirectangular. Important – currently you can only change projection of a map if the source map projection is Mercator!
  • Previously our maps supported only Mercator and Equirectangular projections. Using these projections you could convert pixels to coordinates and coordinates to pixels using these methods:
    • coordinateToLatitude(coordinate) – to convert map y to latitude;
    • coordinateToLongitude(coordinate) – to convert map x to longitude;
    • latitudeToCoordinate(latitude) – to convert latitude to y of the map;
    • longitudeToCoordinate(longitude) – to convert longitude to x of the map;
    • longitudeToX(longitude) – to convert longitude to x of the map div;
    • latitudeToY(latitude) – to convert latitude to y of the map div;
  • With more complex projections, dependency of longitudes/latitudes to x/y is not as simple and both latitude/longitude is required to calculate x and y positions (and vice versa) So the methods above are now deprecated (will still work but only with Mercator and Equirectangular projections, but we recommend using new methods for all projections). Here are the new methods:
    • coordinatesToXY(longitude, latitude) – returns object: {x:x, y:y} where x and y are coordinates of the map.
    • coordinatesToStageXY(longitude, latitude) – returns object: {x:x, y:y} where x and y are coordinates of the chart div.
    • xyToCoordinates(x, y) – returns object: {longitude:longitude, latitude:latitude} x and y are coordinates of map.
    • stageXYToCoordinates(x, y) – returns object: {longitude:longitude, latitude:latitude} x and y are coordinates of chart div.


  • Some maps added.
  • Export and data loader plugins updated.


  • Some maps updated.
  • Solved conflict with prototype.js library.


  • Some maps updated


  • Some maps updated
  • Export plugin updated


  • Some maps updated


  • Improved performance, optimized animations.
  • Bug fix: if autoSize of AmChart was set to false, mouse position was not properly detected after page was scrolled.


  • Bug fix: it was impossible to cancel animating along the line.


  • Bug fix: Object list was using English country names even if translations were provided.


  • Bug fix: mouse postion was not detected properly if autoResize was set to false (since 3.16.0 version only)


  • A lot of features were added in this version. Check animations along lines demo to see some of them in action.
  • stageXToLongitude(x)stageYToLatitude(y) methods added to AmMap for an easier manipulation of map/stage images and lines.
  • validate() method added to MapArea, MapImage and MapLine. Will redraw the object (for example, after you changed some properties) without redrawing whole map.
  • fixToMap() and fixToStage() methods added to MapImage and MapLine. If your line is fixed to a stage, fixToMap() will fix it to the map (so that the line would move with map) and vice versa.
  • updatePosition() method added to MapImage. Will reposition the image after it’s longitude/latitude of left/right/top/bottom coordinates were changed.
  • deleteObject() method added to MapImage and MapLine. Will remove object without rebuilding the map.
  • lineId property added to MapImage – you should add id for the line and set this id for the image if you want to use create animation along line or position image at some relative position of a line.
  • positionOnLine property added to MapImage. Use values from 0 to 1. If you set lineId of some line and then set positionOnLine to 0.5, the image will be placed in the middle of the line.
  • animateAlongLine property added to MapImage. With default value false If you set it to true, and lineId of some line is set, the image will animate along the line. Below are some properties to control the animation.
  • animationDuration property added to ImagesSettings, with default value 3. Defines duration of animation, in seconds. Custom animationDuration can also be set directly on MapImage.
  • adjustAnimationSpeed property added to ImagesSettings, with default value false. If you set it to true, images along the lines will adjust the speed of animation corresponding the distance between lines.
  • baseAnimationDistance property added to ImagesSettings, with default value 500. This means that if adjustAnimationSpeed is set to true, the the image will move at a speed which would allow to move by 500 pixels during animationDuration. If the distance between start/end points of animation is less than baseAnimationDistance, the image will move faster, otherwise – slower.
  • pauseDuration property added to ImagesSettings, with default value 0. Defines pause between animations (if a line has more than one segment or animation is looped or flipped).
  • loop property added to MapImage, with default value true. Specifies if animation should be looped.
  • flipDirection property added to MapImage, with default value false. Specifies if animation should be played in reverse direction when reached the end of a line.
  • easingFunction property added to ImagesSettings, with default value AmCharts.easeInOutQuad. This particular function makes the animation to be slower in the beginning and end of animation and faster in the middle. Alternatively you can use these methods: AmCharts.bounce, AmCharts.easeInSine, AmCharts.easeOutSine, AmCharts.easeOutElastic. You can also set easing function on MapImage.
  • positionScale property added to MapImage, with default value 1. If you set it to 2, the image will scale 2x in the middle of the animation (check  animations along lines demo – the plane increases it’s size).
  • animateAlong(lineId, duration, easingFunction) method added to MapImage. You can trigger animation at any time using this method.
  • animateTo(longitude, latitude, duration, easingFunction) method added to  MapImage. You can animate images to any coordinates (instead of longitude/latitude you can use top/left/right/bottom coordinates).
  • animationStart and animationEnd events added to MapImage. These events are fired when animation starts/ends. Event object is: {type: "animationStart", chart: AmMap, image: MapImage, lineSegment: Number, direction: Number}
  • mouseDownMapObject event added to AmMap.


  • We changed quite a lot of defaults of ZoomControl to give it more modern look and make it more user friendly for people using maps on touch devices. Here is full list:
    • panControlEnabled default is false now;
    • buttonFillColor is #FFFFFF
    • buttonRollOverColor is #DADADA
    • buttonBorderColor is #000000
    • buttonBorderAlpha is 0.1
    • buttonIconColor is #000000
    • gridColor is #000000
    • gridBackgroundAlpha is 0
    • gridAlpha is 0
    • buttonSize is 31
    • buttonCornerRadius is 2
    • gridHeight is 5
    • new property draggerAlpha is 0 (invisible)
    • new property homeButtonEnabled, default value true
    • new property roundButtons is true

    You can still bring old look back by bringing old defaults back and setting roundButtons to false and panControlEnabled to true.

  • Default value of adjustOutlineThickness of AreasSettings changed to true, due that outlineThickness of AreasSettings changed to 1. This will make the country outlines to be of a fixed width and make them look good no matter how much you zoomed the map.
  • Maps now use SVG icons for zoom control, small map and description window. This makes icons look good on retina displays on all resolutions. New AmChart property svgIcons with default value true was created. If you want PNG icons to be used all the time, set this property to false.
  • Map behavior on touch events improved.
  • tapToActivate property added to AmChart, with default value true. This is our new approach to solve issues with scrolling of a page on touch devices. Map used to prevent regular page scrolling and could result page to stick to the same spot if it occupied whole screen. Now, in order these gestures to start working user has to touch the map once. Regular touch events like touching on area do not require the first tap and will show balloons and perform other tasks as usual. If you have a map which occupies full screen and your page does not require scrolling, set tapToActivate to false – this will bring old behavior back.
  • Bug fix: setting font sizes using CSS not worked properly in some cases.
  • Bug fix: chart’s title ignored bold = false setting and always showed bold title.


  • Bug in new Microsoft Edge browser caused some labels disappear. The problem was fixed and the bug reported.


  • New feature which allowed to add listeners in JSON config was not working properly in some cases.


  • You can add event listeners in JSON map config now, for example:
    “listeners”:[{“event”:”clickMapObject”, “method”:handleClick}]
  • Pinch-zooming on touch devices improved.
  • Mouse position detection mechanism updated. It is now compatible with CSS3 translate transform (rotation is not yet solved).
  • selectedOutlineThicknessselectedOutlineColorrollOverOutlineThickness added to ImagesSettings and AreasSettings.
  • “hexagon” type added as a predefined shape for type property of MapImage.
  • Annotation capabilities of the Export plugin were dramatically enhanced with the ability to add text, shapes, lines and arrows, as well as changing of opacity of items. More info.


  • arc property added to ImagesSettings and MapImage. Valid values are -1 to 1. Will turn lines into curves. There is one limitation – this works well with two-point lines only. Check curved-lines demo.


  • selectedLabelColor could be reset if mapImage.showAsSelected was set to true.
  • Balloon was not shown on first roll-over if cornerRadius was >0
  • Map was still dragged using two fingers, even if panEventsEnabled was set to false.


  • Map automatically detects path (chart.path variable) to images and other files if amcharts.js or ammap.js file is included as <script> in the document source.
  • Map could be moved to wrong position after opacity transitions of a map div.


  • autoResize property added to AmChart to stop the chart from resizing whenever it’s parent container size changes.
  • path property added to AmChart and AmStockChart. We recommend using this property instead of pathToImages.
  • IMPORTANT: path property, if set will also be pre-pended to non-absolute pattern URLs. This may change the behavior if you use patterns (directly in chart config or theme) with URLs that do not start with protocol or slash)
  • Bug fix: AmCharts.clear() method was not working properly with more than one chart on page.


  • Code cleanup and performance tuning.
  • Export plugin updated.

3.14.0 Milestone release!

  • Export as image completely rewritten – supports not only image formats but also exports data to JSON, XML or CSV. Users can draw annotations on top of a chart and save the image. Print function added.
  • Chart automatically adjusts it’s size when container size changes. You no longer need to call validateSize() method. This applies also if you show/hide div by setting display:none for chart div.


  • Data loader plugin was added.


  • Some of the maps were updated.


  • Bug fix: ValueLegend was visible if added using JSON (since v 3.13.0).
  • fixedPosition of AmBalloon was not working on images.


  • Since this version you can use SVG filters on visual elements of a chart. To do this, you should first set chart’s property addClassNames to true. Then, you should add a SVG filter in a JSON format using chart.defs property using SVG filter structure, only in JSON. Add id to the filter and then set it to the chart element using css:
    .amcharts-graph-fill {
       filter: url(#blur);
  • chart.validateNow() method now can have two optional attributes: chart.validateNow(validateData, skipEvents); if you set validateData to true, data will be revalidated (so you don’t need to call validateData and validateNow methods) and skipEvents specifies if events like drawn, dataUpdated should be fired after this validation.
  • enabled property added to SmallMap and ValueLegend.


  • The main new feature is that every element of a chart can have class name assigned to it – you must set addClassNames property of a chart to true. This gives a bunch of new possibilities like controlling the look using CSS, CSS animations and more. Full list of classNames.
  • classNamePrefix added to AmChart with default value amcharts. This prefix is added to all class names which are added to all visual elements of a chart in case addClassNames is set to true.
  • Bug fix: map in a page could disable selecting of a text with mouse.


  • preventDragOut property added to AmMap class. If set to true, user won’t be able to drag map out of the visible area.
  • Bug fix: Zoom control buttons were not working properly on some touch devices.
  • Bug fix: adding and removing chart with mouse wheel properties enabled could result memory leak.


  • Bug fix: dragging map in FireFox was not well handled.
  • Bug fix: clicking on the MapImage label produced two clickMapObject events.


  • AmCharts.addInitHandler(method, [chart types]); method added. If you add init handler, the chart will call this method and pass chart reference before initializing the chart.  This might be comfortable to build plugins, process data, etc.
  • bringForwardOnHover property added to AreasSettings, ImagesSettings, LinesSettings and MapObject. Default value is true. If yuo set it to false, the object will not change it’s z-index when user hovers it.


  • Bug fix: duplicate titles issue fixed.
  • Bug fix: memory leak after validateNow() call fixed.
  • descriptionWindowLeftdescriptionWindowTop properties and also descriptionWindowBottom and descriptionWindowRight also added to AreasSettings, ImagesSettings and LinesSettings.


  • You can now use maps with wrapped longitudes (Asia centered maps for example).  Such a map should contain wrappedLongitudes property set to true in the map file (such map is available in the premium maps package).
  • right and bottom properties added to ZoomControl.
  • instead of descriptionWindowX and descriptionWindowY (properties of MapObject)you can now use descriptionWindowLeft, descriptionWindowTop properties and also descriptionWindowBottom and descriptionWindowRight to position description windows at any place you want.
  • Bug fix: Legend could be placed in wrong position in some special cases.


  • Pattern objects can have color property now. If your pattern is transparent, the background will be filled with this color, like in this example.
  • Bug fix: selected area outline could be hidden under other areas (if user rolled-over them).
  • Bug fix: balloons no longer flicker if mouse is moved fast on areas.
  • Bug fix: background under the label of MapImage was positioned incorrectly in some cases.
  • Bug fix: if a div containing chart/map had CSS3 transformations applied, the mouse position was calculated incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: Safari could leave previously rendered map or other objects in the background after the map was redrawn (only since 3.9.0).


  • Some very minor bugs fixed.


  • Serious memory leak fixed. It appeared on whenc hart was redrawn. We noticed this with recent version of Chrome and it seems like this is browser problem. Nevertheless, we found a solution. We strongly recommend to update to this version if you refresh chart with a new data or rebuild it a lot for some other reasons.
  • A possibility to switch languages easily added. Now you can easily change language of a map. To do this, you must include lang file from ammap/lang/ folder and set map.language = “de” or some other language.


  • Fix: Saving chart as image was not working properly with IE11 since last release.


  • We added a more easy way to use exporting as an image feature. Charts has amExport property now and here is an AmExport class reference.


  • Some issues with balloons on touch devices fixed.
  • rollOverOutlineThickness added to AreasSettings.
  • rollOverOutlineAlpha added to AreasSettings.


  • Bug fix: linesAboveImages was not working properly after user rolled-over the line.
  • Bug fix: hand cursor was not shown on a object when allowClickOnSelectedObject was set to true.
  • Instead of numberFormatter and percentFormatter properties of AmChart we recommend using separate properties – precision, percentPrecisiondecimalSeparator and thousandsSeparator.


  • Bug fix: Some areas of some maps had invalid endings which might result not fully closed area outline.


  • New property, homeIconFile added to ZoomControl.
  • New property, buttonIconAlpha added to ZoomControl.
  • Changed default value of panEventsEnabled (property of AmChart and PanelsSettings classes) from false to true.
  • Bug fix: if amcharts.js and ammap.js was included for several times (you shouldn’t do that, but still), the charts were not working properly.


  • processDelay property added to AmCharts class. If you set AmCharts.processDelay = 200; all the charts on the page will be rendered with 200 ms intervals. This is very comfortable if you have a lot of charts on the page and do not want to overload the device CPU.
  • A third parameter, delay was added to AmCharts.makeChart method. It specifies the delay in ms, at which the chart must be rendered, for example:AmCharts.makeChart(“chartDiv”, {chart config}, 200);
  • Bug fix: selectedColor and rollOverColor was not working with lines.
  • filesaver.js was updated so that in case it is included with IE8 and older browsers, it wouldn’t throw JS error.


  • Two finger zoom with touch devices fixed.


  • Link to site in a free version was made less noticeable – it uses chart’s font color and font size and you can adjust it’s position using creditsPosition property of AmChart. Possible values are: top-left, top-right, bottom-right and bottom-left. This will help you to achieve better layout of a chart.


  • Bug fix – charts with legend could fail if there was a Google Analytics script in the page.


  • Old listeners are removed automatically if the same listener was added, this helps to avoid duplicate calls of event handlers.


  • Some improvements for export as image script were made.


  • hideBalloonTime property added to AmChart class, default value is 150 (milliseconds). It sets time after which balloon is hidden if user rolls-out of the object. Increasing the time might help to prevent balloon flickering while moving the mouse over the object.


  • You can now set theme for all the charts on your page by setting: AmCharts.theme = AmCharts.themes.light; If you are creating charts using JavaScript API, not JSON, then this is quite a comfortable way, as you won’t need to pass theme to each object you create.
  • Bug fix: rendered event was fired only on first render, now it is fired each time the chart is rendered after chart.validateNow(); method is called. This bug caused the export buttons to dissapear after the validateNow(); method.


  • Since this version our mapping tool support themes. This means that instead of setting every property for each object, you can set new defaults in a theme file. This will make developers life a lot easier. Currently you can find three themes in ammap/themes folder – dark.js, light.js and chalk.js To set a theme for a map, simply set theme property to the name of the file: theme:"light". Note, this will work only if you are creating map using JSON config. If you do it in old way (JSON config is supported since v 3.7.0), you should pass theme object for each new object you build, for example: var smallMap = new AmCharts.SmallMap(AmCharts.themes.light); We will be adding more themes soon. Check _usingThemes.html file in samples folder to see themes in action.


  • AmCharts.makeChart(divID, chartConfig); method added. divID is id of a div where your chart should appear. chartConfig is JSON object with chart configuration. Check examples with _JSON_ prefix in samples folder to see this in action.
  • type property added to AmChart class. It is required to specify type to one of the following, when creating charts from JSON config: serial, xy, radar, pie, gauge, funnel, map, stock.
  • A possibility to export charts as image/pdf/svg added for all modern browsers except IE9 (IE10 is supported). The exporting doesn’t require any server side software and is made using JavaScript libraries only. Check samples with _exporting_ prefix to see this in action. Exporting to SVG doesn’t work very properly with stock chart or charts with legend (will offer saving multiple files).
  • Color picking for maps with values adjusted.


  • FireFox error messages about style declarations fixed
  • Bug fix: maxWidth property of AmBalloon was ignored
  • Draging of a map on touch devices fixed


  • Map now support patterns – areas can be filled with images. Check our new inspiring samples at to see new possibilities in action. Patterns can be set for areas via pattern property of MapArea. Value of pattern should be object with url, width, height of an image, optionally it might have x, y, randomX and randomY values. For example: graph.pattern = {"url":"../amcharts/patterns/black/pattern1.png", "width":4, "height":4}; Check ammap/patterns folder for some patterns. You can create your own patterns and use them.
  • if you set map.handDrawn = true, lines used in a map will be distorted and will produce hand-drawn effect. You can also modify handDrawScatter (default value is 2) and handDrawThickness (default value 1) properties of AmMap for more scattered view.
  • offsetY and offsetX properties added to AmBalloon. Specifies the distance from the mouse position to balloon’s pointer. You might want to increase distance when using hand drawn style.


  • AmBalloon can now display any HTML and CSS inside them. This means you can add images, format text or display just about any HTML/CSS content. Because of this new feature, we removed textShadow property of AmBalloon in this version.
  • Balloon now can animate from point to point and also fade out when user moves away from the chart. animationDuration and fadeOutDuration properties added to AmBalloon, with default values 0.3.
  • Balloon now can display shadow. shadowColor (default #000000) and shadowAlpha (default 0.4) added to AmBalloon.
  • Some default values of AmBalloon changed for a better usability – adjustBorderColor to true, cornerRadius to 0, pointerWidth to 6, color to #000000.