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Associate email with an order

To access some functions, such as commercial downloads, and contacting support, you will need to associate your email with an existing amCharts order.

Follow instructions below on how to do so.

I have order information

Before you proceed, check the “My Orders” page in Support Center. If you purchased a license using your email address, or you associated your email with it before, the order will be listed there.

If it’s not there, and you have order information – Email and ID – you can go straight to the “Add Order” page.

Once there, simply enter the information, and click “Add”.

That’s it. You’re all set!

I don’t have order information

First of all, check the “My Orders” page. It might be there already.

No? No worries. There are a few other options.

Since you don’t have order information, there was probably someone else at your organization who made the purchase, and have that info.

Ask that person to either pass order information to you (Order ID and email), or send you an invite to join the order.

If you’re not sure who’s responsible at your organization for amCharts licenses, email us.