Introducing amCharts 5

BETA available now

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As flexible as amCharts 4. Much much faster.

Canvas rendering

amCharts 5 uses browser's Canvas API which in most cases is way faster than SVG. Less moving parts in the DOM tree, faster rendering.


Common element groups are isolated into separate independent canvases, so that heavily updated sections do not trigger expensive repaints in places that do not change.

Optimized data processing

Data in amCharts 5 is parsed fast, and is stored into super light-weight objects, to minimize memory footprint.

Faster dashboards

amCharts 5 is capable of running scores of charts on the same page, without crippling the browser, due to its lightweight approach to data parsing and rendering.

Tiny binaries

We made amCharts 5 really small - the core functionality compiles to a file of only around 400KB. Each niche functionality is separated into files, so you load only what you really need. For example, XY charts are only about 150KB. Together with the core package that comes down to only about 550KB. Users will surely appreciate faster load times.

New features

Powerful theming engine

We devised a CSS-like rule-based theme targeting system in themes. Using, creating, customizing themes or standalone rules has never been so easy. The new system allows applying defaults to elements based on their type, features, or position in a virtual element tree.

Element templates

Most elements are created using templates: a collection of default settings, events, and adapters. Changing template automatically propagates changes to actual elements, making it easy to do batch updates.

Incremental data updates

Data in amCharts 5 is updatable inside-and-out. Push and remove data items in the beginning, end, or any place in the list, without triggering full data re-evaluation. Change values and watch related series magically update.

New chart types

amCharts 5 adds quite a few hierarchy-based charts like Tree, Partition, Pack, and full-featured drill-down enabled Sunburst diagram. We've also added a new type of Chord diagram: ChordDirected.

New category-date axis type

There's a new, special axis type for displaying irregular date-based data.

Install or download

amCharts 5 binaries are vailable via NPM package, downloadable archive, or CDN.


Source code

Full TypeScript source code is available in a GitHub repo.


Getting started

Documentation website

Release schedule

Beta: available now!
Production: Oct/Nov 2021.


Am I eligible for a free upgrade?

If you have purchased an amCharts 5 App/SaaS or OEM licenses after September 1st, 2020 (or Single website license after September 1st, 2021), or you have an active amPlus subscription, you're eligible for a free upgrade. No strings attached.

Is amCharts 5 compatible with amCharts 4 code?

Unfortunately, no. In order to make amCharts 5 drastically faster, with significantly less memory footprint, we had to make fundamental structural and conceptual changes, which makes it impossible for the two versions to share code.

Does amCharts 5 support JSON config?

Nope. JSON configs are impossible to enforce type checking to and thus prone to errors, both from user and parsing side. At this point we are not planning on implementing JSON config support.

What types of charts are immediately available in amCharts 5?

XY, Radar/Gauges, Map, Percent (Pie, Funnel, Pyramid, Pictorial-stacked), Hierarchy (Force-directed tree, Treemap, Sunburst diagram, Tree, Partition, Pack), Flow (Sankey diagram, Chord).

Are there any new chart types planned?

Yes: Venn diagram, Word cloud, Stock chart.

Will there be any 3D charts?

No. 2000 came and went. 3D is not a thing in data-viz anymore.

What browsers are supported?

All modern desktop and mobile browsers are supported.

What about IE?

No. It's time to let this fossil rest in peace. Sorry, Gramps.