Beginners: Console is your friend

If by chance it happened that working with amCharts is also beginning of your programming career, we have a very valuable suggestion for you:

View console of your browser

Console is a place where all the errors are listed.

To access console of Chrome:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Command - Option - J (Mac) or Control -Shift -J (Windows/Linux).
  • Select View > Developer > JavaScript Console.

To access console of IE, press F12.
For Firefox, we recommend installing Firebug plugin - it's a lot better than default console of this browser.

Each time, when something goes wrong, check console. If there is some error, most likely you will find a hint there, explaining what's wrong.

Use Console of your browser

Console is also a place where you can broadcast some messages and get an idea where your code stopped working or some other useful information.

To do this, add console.log("some message"); in some logical place of our code. You can also output variables or even objects (the object will be listed with all it's properties). Check the Using events tutorial to see how we used console to output the event object.