amCharts Editor 4 Documentation

Welcome to the documentation section for the amCharts 4 Editor - a UI chart configurator tool for the amCharts 4 data visualization libraries.

About amCharts 4 Editor

amCharts 4 Editor is a plugin application for your web apps to enable your users to seamlessly create and edit elaborate amCharts data visualizations.

More info To learn more about amCharts 4 Editor features, please, visit its product page.

About Documentation

The information on this website is organized into topics. Use the navigation on the left to access what you need.

Current status

amCharts 4 Editor is in a preview stage and in active development at the moment. This applies to documentation as well. More information is added all the time, articles are amended with additional information or even rewritten. Thank you for bearing with us!

Getting started

We strongly encourage you to start your journey via our Getting Started section. It's a collection of introductory articles aimed at getting you up to speed with amCharts 4 Editor.

Change log

This page keeps track of significant changes and additions to this documentation website: Documentation Changelog (coming soon)

Class reference

Besides tutorials and articles, we also have a Reference which lists every single Class, Function, Interface, and instance, available, together with their respective properties, methods, parameters, and other relevant information.