Loading external data in Live Editor

It is possible to use Data Loader with Live Editor. I say "technically" because there are some caveats, which I will outline a bit later.

First, to enable Data Loader, click on the Extra Config checkbox to enable plugin settings.

Adding Data Loader config to Live Editor

Then, type in Data Loader config into appropriate box. I.e.:


That's it. When Editor detects Data Loader active, it will hide the Data tab and will attempt loading your external data.

Now onto caveats I mentioned.

1) The Editor is under SSL (https://) which means that the URL for your data source should be as well. The browser will prevent loading of non-SSL resources on an SSL-enabled page.

2) You will need to ensure that your web server, which serves the data has appropriate cross-origin HTTP request (CORS) settings, to allow load requests from Live Editor.

Here's more information about CORS.

And, just in case you were wondering, here's a real Live Editor chart using Data Loader and external data.