Overriding (translating) default Export menu prompts

If you'd like to completely translate Export plugin, you may want to create a separate language file, include it and set a language setting for chart.

However, if you'd like to just customize a single or several prompts in Export menu, you can do so by modifying default English translation, like this:

AmCharts.translations[ "export" ][ "en" ][ "menu.label.undo" ] = "Undooo";
AmCharts.translations[ "export" ][ "en" ][ "menu.label.redo" ] = "Redooo";

Please note that this code needs before the chart code.

Below is the complete list of customizable  textual prompts (with their default text) that you can override this way:

"fallback.save.text": "CTRL + C to copy the data into the clipboard."
"fallback.save.image": "Rightclick -> Save picture as... to save the image."
"capturing.delayed.menu.label": "{{duration}}"
"capturing.delayed.menu.title": "Click to cancel"
"menu.label.print": "Print"
"menu.label.undo": "Undo"
"menu.label.redo": "Redo"
"menu.label.cancel": "Cancel"
"menu.label.save.image": "Download as ..."
"menu.label.save.data": "Save as ..."
"menu.label.draw": "Annotate ..."
"menu.label.draw.change": "Change ..."
"menu.label.draw.add": "Add ..."
"menu.label.draw.shapes": "Shape ..."
"menu.label.draw.colors": "Color ..."
"menu.label.draw.widths": "Size ..."
"menu.label.draw.opacities": "Opacity ..."
"menu.label.draw.text": "Text"
"menu.label.draw.modes": "Mode ..."
"menu.label.draw.modes.pencil": "Pencil"
"menu.label.draw.modes.line": "Line"
"menu.label.draw.modes.arrow": "Arrow"
"label.saved.from": "Saved from: