Setting up IIS for correctly handling SVG files


Icons on my amCharts chart are displayed as broken images, when server through Internet Information Server (IIS).


amCharts uses SVG images for various chart elements, such as scrollbar grips. Some older versions of IIS may incorrectly serve SVG images, causing those issues.

Each request to a static file on a web server, produces a response which, among other information, returns the "Content-Type" header. This helps browsers in figuring out what the file is and what do do with it.

In case of SVG files, the type should be "image/svg+xml". Unfortunately some versions of IIS, do not recognize ".svg" extension and therefore return a generic content type, which makes browsers fail to recognize them as images, hence the broken image issue.


To fix this, simply add ".svg" file extension to supported mime types in IIS config, by setting it's content type to "image/svg+xml".

Below screenshots will show you how:

IIS mime type config

IIS mime type configuration: SVG