amCharts Editor 4

amCharts Editor 4 enables you to integrate a powerful WYSIWYG chart configuration tool into your web applications. End-users and developers alike can now create and modify advanced charts without writing a line of code.


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Integrates with your CMS

You can easily and seamlessly integrate amCharts Editor 4 into your content management system and enable effortless chart creation and editing for your end users. Control the accessible features and their configuration.

Support for common chart types

Most common chart types are already supported and more chart types are added continuously.

Powerful and beautiful templates

The Editor comes with a set of chart templates that you can use right away. Or you can provide your own set to control a consistent look and feel.

Configurable or preset themes

Let your users apply beautiful themes or supply your own preset themes and fly your own colors.

Create chart objects, edit their properties and data

Add objects such as legends, scrollbars, extra series and more to the charts. Edit their properties in a convenient searchable property grid. Import, edit and rearrange the data behind the charts.

Current status

amCharts Editor is under active development. Currently, the preview version is publicly available and is frequently updated with new features and fixes. You are welcome to try it out in your environment and we really appreciate your feedback and helping us shape the product to suit your real needs.

We expect a final version to ship later in 2020.

Getting started

Please refer to the Getting started section in the documentation for a quick-start tutorial, demos and reference.

You can also experience the Editor’s UI online at 

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