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Getting Support

Contacting amCharts Support

There are two ways to contact amCharts support: via email and via web interface.

To contact us by email, simply send us a message to

You can also contact via helpdesk web interface (hosted by Zendesk) at:

If you register for a user account at the above link, you will be able to log in and review your current and past tickets.

Please note that Zendesk account is not the same as an amCharts account you use to log in on

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Who Can Contact Support?

amCharts premium support service – amPlus – is limited to subscribers only.

Please check with the person, who is responsible for managing the licenses/subscriptions. They have the tools to associate your email address with the support subscription.

If not sure, contact us, and we’ll sort it out.

For more information, refer to these pages:

What If I Don’t Have a Subscription?

You might take another stab at the documentation and/or demos.

Also, consider acquiring a support subscription, which starts at only $190/y.

Finally, you can try a few other options:

None of the above guarantee an answer, but chances are good you get a push in the right direction.

Reporting Bugs / Typos

Reporting bugs and typos does not require a subscription. Simply email us at

Sales and License Related Inquiries

Feel free to email us at with any questions regarding our licenses, orders, pricing, or other related matters.

You can also use a handy contact widget in our Online Store.