amPlus™ Premium Service

What is it?

amPlus™ is a value-added service which is designed to complement your amCharts software license.

amPlus service components

Priority support

We at amCharts pride ourselves about our support. We go to great lengths to assist our customers in using our software, in a timely fashion.

Priority support makes it even better. We’ll make sure your questions will popup at the top of the queue and will be give the extra attention they deserve.

How does the 3 hours average response time sound like?

Free upgrades

If you did purchase amCharts license, you probably already know that minor version upgrades (i.e. 3.a > 3.b) are always free. No strings attached. They’re yours for as long as we keep releasing them.

amPlus™ brings major version upgrades (3 > 4) to the table. As long as you have an active amPlus™ subscription, you have it covered. You can grab any latest version we release.

How do I get it?

All license purchases come with a full year of amPlus™.

You can purchase an additional year of amPlus™ when purchasing your license. Just select the appropriate box next to the selected license.

How much does it cost?

The first year is on us. It does not cost anything.

Once that expires you are free to renew your subscription. The prices are as follows:

Single website license SaaS / Application license OEM license
amCharts 4 $70 $450 $1,148

I have purchased a license X years ago. Can I still purchase amPlus?

Absolutely! Purchasing an amPlus™ subscription (or renewing your previously expired one) will effectively upgrade your license to include the latest available version, as well as any new major version we will release within the year of your amPlus™ purchase.

It will bring all of the Priority support benefits that it offers.

So essentially amPlus™ is the thing I purchase to upgrade to new version?

Yes. You got that right.

How does the Priority support work?

Regardless of how you submit your question to us (via our website, chat, email or Facebook message) it ends up as a ticket in our help desk software. (we use industry-standard Zendesk)

We do check the email address  of the requester against any active amPlus™ subscriptions. If there’s one, we bump up priority of such ticket. We do have a team of professionals – actual seasoned developers – working around the globe in various time zones manning the help desk, who take priority tickets first.

This way amPlus-enabled ticket are handled significantly faster than the rest of them.

amPlus response time

Need more details about it? Here’s how we do Support.