Support & License Info

Managing Subscriptions

Subscription List

In “My Subscriptions” page, you will see all subscriptions – both regular and perpetual – that area associated with your email address.

Subscriptions are grouped by related order.

The list contains the following columns:

ProductName of the product and the respective license
SeatsNumber of developer seats associated with a description
TypeType of the product: a license or a support subscription
SubscriptionSubscription ID if applicable (note: it’s different than order ID)
ExpiresSubscription expiration date. For perpetual licenses, it does not expire.
Major UpdatesA date before which all major versions released by amCharts for the respective product will be available free of charge.
RenewalType of the renewal: Automatic or Manual. For automatic renewals, there is also a date on which we will renew the subscription.

Subscription Management

If your email address is listed as a “Billing” contact for the order, you will also have additional tools to manage the subscriptions.

Regular Per-Seat Subscriptions

1Manage License UsersTakes to the “My Licenses” page for the order, with the ability to manage license users.
2Manage Support UsersTakes to the “My Support Emails” page for the order, with the ability to manage a list of users who are covered by support subscription.
3Manage SubscriptionTakes to an external self-service page, which will allow pausing, an cancelling subscription, changing billing details, as well as modifying subscription items and their quantities.

Legacy Subscriptions

Legacy amCharts support subscriptions did not have the auto-renew capability, and had to be renewed manually each year.

Such subscriptions will have a “Renew Subscription Now” button, instead of “Manage Subscription”.

Clicking it will take you to a checkout page, which upon completion, will renew the related manual subscriptions for another 12 months.