You can download and use all amCharts products for free. The only limitation of the free version is that a small link to this web site will be displayed in the top left corner of your charts. If you would like to use charts without this link, or you appreciate the software and would like to support its creators, please purchase a commercial license.

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 JavaScript Charts Version 3.20.10
( July 29, 2016 )
   Change log
 JavaScript Stock Chart Version 3.20.10
( July 29, 2016 )
   Change log
 Interactive JavaScript Maps Version 3.20.11
( July 30, 2016 )
   Change log
 WordPress Plugin Version 1.1.1
( July 25, 2016 )

Commercial Downloads

If you have purchased a commercial version,
download it via our Support Area.

Old deprecated versions

Looking for old Flash & Flex versions? Check deprecated downloads.

Installing via Git

Current (and previous) versions are available via our GitHub repositories:

Installing via Bower

bower install amcharts3
bower install amstock3
bower install ammap3

Installing via npm

npm install amcharts/amcharts3
npm install amcharts/amstock3
npm install amcharts/ammap3