About amCharts

Our history

amCharts is a company based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The beginning of amCharts and amMap was in 2004 when the first version of amMap was created. Antanas Marcelionis worked as a manager in a web development company and, being a fan of maps and traveling, wanted to have a tool to work like a pin-map for him. So he made this tool in his free time. In 2006 Antanas left his job without any clear idea what he’ll do next. With the help of some friends he deepened his programming knowledge (programming was only a hobby since he knew Basic on the legendary Sinclair ZX Spectrum), and one day he decided to make a pie chart. It took several months to release the first version of the pie chart. And then it all happened almost like in this Dilbert comic strip.

The first chart was featured in several articles, and people started using it. After a couple of months, line & area chart was introduced. Column & bar chart followed. amCharts started to gain popularity and recognition. Promptly, amCharts’ products entered the ranks of the most popular on the market. Prominent companies started recognizing amCharts as the best charting solution.

Contrary to what they teach you nowadays, we believe that if you do create great products, they will market themselves. Indeed, a lot of magazines and bloggers wrote about amCharts. One of the most popular magazines among web designers, Smashing magazine, had a dedicated article about amCharts and amMap. We would like to thank everyone who wrote and linked to us from the bottom of our hearts, thus giving our products a jump start they deserved!

Our team

15+ years later, amCharts is still a small company. By choice. We believe that keeping it small and flexible is the way to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, throughout the years.

Our philosophy

If we had to summarize our philosophy into one word, it would be user-centric. (well that were two words actually). For us it combines these cornerstones:

  • A notion of not getting in the way of our users in terms of making pricing and licensing as straightforward as possible. Not burdening with complex fee and renewal structures.
  • Providing all of our software, with full functionality, for free for those who can’t afford to pay for it.
  • Listening to our users. Majority of features you see in our products are results of a suggestion by an actual user with an actual need.
  • And finally, offering the best technical support experience in the industry. Period.

All of this allows us to continue working on amCharts products, as well as greatly enjoy the whole process. We strongly believe that we have the best team and the best products, and we see a straight road ahead of us, for a lot of exciting things coming in the future.

Have questions, suggestion or just want to say “Hi”? Feel free to contact us.