About amCharts Support

Here at amCharts we believe that having an excellent product is not enough. People need to be able to use it to it’s full potential. That’s why we worked and continue to work hard to shape up our service to provide the best support experience in the industry.

How do we do it?

We use the industry-standard helpdesk solution by Zendesk. You can start a ticket by emailing contact@amcharts.com or via our Support area. This all goes directly into our helpdesk interface, monitored by our international support team, working across multiple time zones.

No canned responses

We simply don’t do that. We take our time to read each question carefully, making sure we understand the issue. Then we come back with possible solutions, including a thorough explanation, links to relative documentation and demos, or even custom working example to demonstrate the point.

We don’t believe in doing a lot of back and forth. It’s a waste of time – both yours and ours. So our aim is to drive it home right on the first try.


We understand that you don’t have time to wait. Therefore we have an internal goal, for every ticket to be served within 24 hours at most. Our average response time is 7-9 hours. With over half tickets served within 8 hours. That’s way faster than industry’s average.

The monthly sample stats are taken from Zendesk. We don't have any control over them.
The monthly sample stats are taken from Zendesk. We don’t have any control over them.

Even faster with Priority support subscription

And if you have a amPlus Premium Services subscription, we’ll get to you even faster. The average response time to high-priority tickets is less than 4 hours.

Customer satisfaction

We ask all users that requested our support to rate the service they received. 149 people out of 150 say they are happy. No further comment is required.

Extrovert much?

Would you rather use an external website or social service? No problem. We treat questions tagged with “amcharts” on StackOverflow the same way and with the same scrupulousness as they would have came in directly into our helpdesk.

The same goes for questions posted on our Facebook or Twitter.