Support & License Info

Accessing Licenses

Via Order Confirmation Email

For every amCharts we will send an email to a billing contact of the order.

Among other information, it contains license keys and installation details.

Contact us if you would like the email to be resent to some other contact, like a licensee.

Via Support & Licenses Section

We provide all the relevant order/license/subscription data in our “Support & Licenses” section of

If you still don’t have an amCharts account, you can register by going to link above.

Once logged in, go to “My Licenses” page.

It will contain license keys and installation instructions for all orders and all products, available to you.

What If I Don’t See My License?

The “My Licenses” page shows all licenses that has been associated with your email address.

If you don’t see something that is supposed to be there, contact a person who is responsible for managing licenses in your organization.

Typically, it’s a person who’s email was entered during order either as a “Billing contact” or as a “Licensee contact”.

If you can’t find such a person, contact us, and we’ll figure it out.

Managing License Users

Persons who’s email addresses were specified in a Billing or Delivery (Licensee) boxes can edit a list of email addresses who can use the license.

For more information, visit the following link: