Support & License Info

Managing Support Contacts

Editing Email List

If your email address is listed as a Billing or Licensee contact with the respective order, you can manage the list of persons who are covered under support subscriptions.

To do so, go to “My Support Emails” page.

Current support subscriptions are listed and organized by order.

Among other information, it will also list currently assigned support email addresses.

To edit, click on “Manage Users” button, edit the list, then click “Save”.

User Limit

Most support subscriptions have a per-seat policy. The tool will let you enter only allowed number of contacts.
Some legacy subscriptions do not have the limit. For those you can enter multiple emails as needed.

Editing List Via Link From Order Confirmation Email

If your order contains support subscription, the confirmation email will contain a link for editing the support user list.

Use the link to modify the list of support users without logging into amCharts’ Support & Licenses section.