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Support guidelines

This page outlines generic outlines how to contact and what to expect from amCharts support.

Just the right amount of detail

When contacting amCharts support please try to be as concise as possible without sacrificing important detail.

Too much information might be as bad and as time-consuming as not enough information. Cluttering up the question with too much detail might take focus off the question itself and take longer for support technician to get back to you.

Think of what is the minimum amount of information it would take YOU to understand the issue.

Provide a reproduction demo

If possible, the absolutely best way to show the issue is to provide a working demo of your chart, posted on CodePen, jsFiddle, CodeSandbox, StackBlitz, or similar services.

It will not only help us see your full code and showcase the problem, but will enable to quickly make modifications, save it, and get back it to you. Nice and easy.

Provide relevant code

If providing demo is not an option, try sending relevant code.

Please note that code should be sent as text, not as a screengrab. It’s impossible to copy and edit text from a picture.

Check browser console and send us the output

If something is not working, it might be due to an error.

Try opening your browser console, grab any errors displayed there, and include with your question.

Be mindful of support hours

Please note that support service comes with a limit of actual hours our technicians can dedicate.

The actual number of hours depends on the license, product, and/or support service purchased.

Product or subscriptionSingle websiteApp/SaaSOEMExtended OEM
Charts {license)123090
Charts (support subscription)12123090
Maps (license)61545
Maps (support subscription)661545
TimeLine (license)61545
TimeLine (support subscription)661545
Editor (support subscription)N/A

Our support agent will let you know if you are nearing your allotment.