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Purchasing support

If you are holder of a license that does not include support, or if you are using amCharts for free, you may still access our support staff by purchasing a Support service package.

Purchase support for $450/y

What do I get?

12 months of access to amCharts support staff consisting of seasoned web developers with intimate knowledge and experience of amCharts products and related web technologies, and who also have direct contact with core development team to fast-track bug reporting and fixing / solving complex problems.

Each support subscription comes with a generous allotment of support hours, and no limit on questions or users.

How much is it?

$450 per year. That’s less than $38 per month.

How does it work?

  1. You purchase a subscription.
  2. You associate your email with the order (if you are emailing from different email than the one order came from) and invite your colleagues.
  3. Email our support.
Purchase support for $450/y