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Intra-day Data

Our Stock chart can accept data as date strings, date objects or time stamps. Your data can be at any interval you need – this particular chart displays data which changes each minute. However if you zoom-out the chart, the data will be grouped into 10 minute intervals. You are free to format time strings on the axis and in the category tool-tip in any way you want. The beginning of a period change can be marked as bold and use a different date/time format.

Prefixes for big or small numbers

Our Stock (and also other charts) can replace zeroes of big numbers to letters, like 1000 = 1K or 5.000.000 = 5M. This is especially comfortable when dealing with really big or small numbers. You can control the letters using prefixesOfBigNumbers and prefixesOfSmallNumbers properties of Stock Panel or Panels Settings.

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