amCharts 5: Maps

Maps is an add-on to amCharts 5: Charts.

Use it to add interactive, stunning, geographical maps to your websites or applications. Just like any other chart.

Fast interactive maps

Just a few lines of code allow you to add full-fledged interactive maps to your web site or application. And, since it’s amCharts 5 you get all the integration features out of the box: type checking, modules, npm install, you name it.

The map package

Lots of bundled maps to choose from

We’ve bundled hundreds of country and regional maps.

Need a country map? A map of Africa or Arkansas? Chances are we already have it.

And, to make it even sweeter, all maps are available in two versions: high and low detail.

Based on GeoJSON standard

amCharts 5 uses GeoJSON – an open mapping standard.

If a map exists it probably exists in GeoJSON format, or at least is easy to convert to.

Easy to make your own maps

We don’t have a map you need? Chances are good the map you need is just a search query away.

And, if you can’t find one in GeoJSON, there’s probably one available in ESRI shape format, which you can easily convert to GeoJSON – no software needed.

Series-based approach

Multi-type series

Everything on the maps is organized in “series”: areas/countries (polygons), markers (points), lines.

Makes it super easy to apply appearance settings or attach behavior to a bunch of elements at once.

Series-based approach allows easy structuring of elements, toggling, and other control.

It also allows specifying what exactly to include or exclude from GeoJSON. Do you want just a map of Europe? Simply specify country codes that you want to be included. A world map without Antarctica? Specify to exclude it from the map.

Combining multiple maps

Multi-series support also means you can combine multiple maps on the same chart.

Want to add U.S. states on the World map? No problem at all.

Line series

Map Chart’s line series allow adding basic or complex routing maps, connecting existing markers or arbitrary points.

As with anything else on amCharts 5, lines are fully configurable.

Make them straight, or follow natural Earth ground curvature.

Add and position images on them, as well as make them follow relative rotation.

Useful functionality


amCharts 5 comes with support for a lot of map projections, that allow displaying the same map in different ways.

We’ve also thrown in full support for D3 projections.

Coordinate shifting

The map is not constrained to be centered on a single point. You can set your own center coordinates, meaning you can create a map centered any way you like.

Easily create a Pacific-centered world map with just a single configuration option.

Or how about a rotating globe by combining coordinate shift with an Orthographic projection?

Heat maps

amCharts 5 supports a very powerful “heat rules” functionality, which you can use with maps as well.

Basically, you can bind most of the element’s settings to a numeric value. E.g. color fill of the countries, based on their fields in data, allowing you to create heat maps.

And, of course, you have a “heat legend” control as well.


As all our libraries, Maps is available completely free. We’ll just ask you to show a small branding link in return.

If, however, you’d like an unbranded chart, then you’ll need a commercial license. While Maps is an add-on to amCharts 5: Charts it still requires separate license.

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