Type interface

Settings for supplying preset data to be used in place of default template data.


IPresetData does not extend any other symbol.

IPresetData is not extended by any other symbol.



Type Array < IChartData >

Actual preset data.

Your dataset as an array of name: value objects


Type Map < string, string >

Mapping of the actual preset data to standard template fields.

To use your data the Editor needs to know what fields in your dataset correspond to standard template fields.

For example, in the code below the suppiled dataset has cat and val fields and the typical serial chart template has category and value (or value1, value2, etc.) fields.

So, we supply a map mapping category to cat, and value and value1 to val.

presetData: {
  data: [
    { cat: 'c1', val: 10 },
    { cat: 'c2', val: 20 },
    { cat: 'c3', val: 40 },
    { cat: 'c4', val: 18 }
  templatePropertyMap: new Map([
    ['category', 'cat'],
    ['value', 'val'],
    ['value1', 'val']