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Anything can be anything

Nest chart elements. Include multiple basic or advanced shapes into other elements.

Want to add another chart into column? No problem.

Add tree SVG images and a label as bullet for a line series? Sure, why not.


Everything configurable

Numerous configuration options allows inventive uses, bordering on new chart types.


Element states

Easily change how element looks like under different circumstances, e.g. on some interaction hover, click, or related to data like column look if value is down.

The engine will automatically apply required properties as needed, animating between old and new values smoothly.

Create and apply custom states via API.

Demo Docs

Multi-type multi-axis support

Add any number of axes of any type.

Create laid-over comparison of different time scales.

Use any mix of dimensional values: numbers, dates, or categories.



New "adapters" functionality allows plugging in custom code to dynamically override just about any setting, property, or data.


Text formatting

All text labels - tooltips, axis labels, titles, etc. - now support rich text formatting options, like changing colors, font weight, or applying just about any styling option from CSS arsenal.

Feeling even braver? Now any label can accept full-fledged HTML, including CSS, images, and anything you can throw at your browser.

In addition to formatting support, labels can now contain in-line placeholders for real data, with the ability to apply custom formatting to its values.


Performance & Data Management

Optimized for large data sets out-of-the-box

We've worked ferociously on data parsing and visualization optimizations.

The result - fast charts that will display thousands of data points without hiccups.

Strong SVG framework

Every aspect of SVG elements is honed with performance in mind.

No unnecessary redraws or property updates result in smoother feel.

Incremental data updates

Implement live charts without the overhead of costly whole-data-set recalculations. Charts support incremental data updates, making it super easy to manipulate the data dynamically.

Built-in support for external data sources, including repetitive loading and incremental data.

Demo Docs

Visually stunning

Fresh new look

Default looks designed to look fresh, like something out of tomorrow.

Carefully selected color schemes and default settings were specifically chosen to make the charts stand out.

Smooth animations

Every property - colors, positions, sizes, opacity, and many more - is animatable to ensure smooth transitions.

No choppy, stepped animations - everything is fluid, including zoom and toggling of series and other items.

Built-in morphing mechanism to morph and change shapes.

Multi-theme support

Themes allow fascinating granularity of customizations to be applied to charts.

Furthermore, each chart can have multiple themes applied, which allows combining universal features from multiple sources, i.e. Material colors + Animated theme.


Wide selection of chart types

Sankey Diagrams

Stunning flow diagrams, in horizontal and vertical.

With draggable, fully configurable nodes.

Demo #1 Demo #2 Demo #3

Enhanced radar charts

With stacked column, bands, axes, and other dramatic enhancements, radar charts are now way more useful.

Demo #1 Demo #2 Demo #3


Completely zoomable, multi-level, highly configurable.

Demo #1 Demo #2 Demo #3


Automatically build heat-maps, with custom axes, color ranges, and awesome new interactive Heat Legend.

Create heatmaps using colors, or point size, or both.

Demo #1 Demo #2

New geo maps

Maps now use GeoJSON format! Being open and widely accepted standard it opens up a lot of possibilities and sources for ready-made and custom maps.

Furthermore, maps are now very flexible, with multi-series support, configurable down to the nut and bolt.

Demo #1 Demo #2 Demo #2

Classics with some new twists

XY charts are now so powerful and flexible, you can plot any data on it. Number, date or category axes supported, in all directions.

The axes can now contain interactive breaks, that expand on hover and actually look awesome.

Pie charts are now fully nestable, with support for custom start and end angles, to create half circles.

Demo #1 Demo #2 Demo #3

Accessibility & Interactivity


  • Well thought out and built into core.
  • Preset, intelligent, useful screen reader texts.
  • Fully keyboard controllable.
  • Bundled strong contrast themes.



  • Multi-pointer-capable interface.
  • Fluid, inertia-based drags.
  • Built-in gentle hover, touch and interaction effects.

Touch support

  • Optimized for touch devices.
  • Designed and tested not just on mobile devices, but also touch-capable computers.
  • Fully functional on hybrid devices.
  • Full range of gesture support like pinch-zooming, swiping, and others.
  • Multi-point dragging.

Under the hood

Built with TypeScript

Supports strong type and error checking in TypeScript applications.

Enjoy code completion, error check and dynamic help popups in major IDEs.

Fully supports for TypeScript and ES6 modules.


100% for JavaScript

Can be fully used in any vanilla JavaScript application.

amCharts 4 does not use or rely on globals, external frameworks or 3rd party libraries.

Supports dual configuration: either object-based or via serialized JSON.


Universal SVG engine

Can be used to build dynamic, interactive SVG interfaces and applications.

Add various elements to screen, make them interactive, with a few lines of code. Make them draggable, resizable, rotatable, swipable, using built-in interactivity functionality.

Universal SVG layouting engine will place, size and arrange elements according to set rules.

Mouse, touch and keyboards events can be even attached on any object in DOM tree.

Demo Docs

Sources & Availability

Available via

  • GitHub repository
  • Reliable CDN service
  • As official NPM package
  • Standalone download


Open Source

Full TypeScript source for the library is available for you to download, modify and use.

The library is for you to use, for free as long as you agree to attribute amCharts by keeping the small branding link.

Release schedule

Public preview: available now!

Public beta: August 2018.

Public release: November 2018.


I want to try out the preview. Where do I get it?

Follow instructions on amCharts 4 documentation website.

What chart types are available in preview release?

XY (including columns/bar, serial, line/area, heatmaps, scatter, or any combination of), Pie/Donut, Maps, Treemaps, Radar, Sankey Diagrams and Gauges.

What about Stock Chart?

We don't have an exact ETA on Stock Chart. We'll make one once the dust settles after initial release of regular charts. We're aiming at Fall 2018.

How much will it cost?

It's going to keep same pricing as current version.

What if I buy V3 now? Will I get free upgrade to V4 once it's available for good?

Absolutely! No strings attached. You will be able to use both V3 and V4, without paying us an extra penny.

I have a V3 license. Will I need to pay for upgrades?

If you have purchased V3 license or amPlus service subscription on or after Jan 1st 2016, the new version is yours for free. No questions asked. For all purchases before 2016, you can bring your license up to speed by purchasing amPlus subscription.

How production-safe is V4 at this point?

It's pretty stable and should be ready for serious development. At this point we are no longer planning any breaking changes.

Are you under any standard OS license, like MIT or GPL?

No. None of those suit our needs. We want you to have the source code so you can modify the library to suit your needs. Most of the standard OS licenses deal with creating derivative software for further distribution.

Is it really free?

Yes. You can use it any way you see fit, including in commercial projects, as long as you don't mind the branding link on your charts. For those who can't or don't want to provide attribution, we do have commercial licenses available for purchase.

I have a question

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