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Stacked Column Chart

Our Serial chart can stack any graphs of the same kind – columns, bars, lines, step lines. They can be stacked in a regular way or 100%, when values are recalculated to percent values.

Themes – a real help for developer

View the source of the chart by clicking EDIT button. You will notice, that not a single color is defined in it. Now, if you click themes buttons on top of the chart, you will see that the chart is changing colors, opacities and evem patterns. All the config of the chart is stored in the theme file which is applied when you click a button. This feature allows you to apply a theme for all your charts on a web site, and you will be sure that they will meet the same design. We offer several themes for your to choose, and you can easily modify and adjust them for your needs. And of course, you can still set any property as an exception in the chart config file.

Demo source