Download amCharts Editor 4

Download amCharts Editor 4 files you will need for development and testing. To acquire a production license, please visit our Online Store.

Install via NPM

Latest version (4.0.3)

The best way to get amCharts Editor 4 is via NPM. The charting functionality is in the package @amcharts/editor4.

npm install @amcharts/editor4

Download a standalone JavaScript version

If you’d like to install amCharts Editor 4 files right on your server, you can download these archives listed below.

amCharts Editor 4Version 4.0.3
(January 20, 2022)

Fork from GitHub

Our amCharts Editor 4 repository is up-to-date and contains both ES2015 and JavaScript version.

Further info

Not sure where to start? How about checking out “Getting started” article in amCharts Editor 4 documentation website.