amCharts 4: TimeLine

TimeLine is an add-on to amCharts 4: Charts.

While the name implies it’s used to represent timelines, it’s actually useful everywhere, where you need to dazzle your users with a uniquely shaped chart.


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Uniquely shaped charts

Supply custom points, and the chart will magically follow them. You can even control the smoothness of the curve.

That day line you see up top on this page, it’s a live chart.

Check out the demo

Draw your own shape

Don’t want to use a pre-defined shape? Grab any vector graphics editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkspace and draw your own!

Check out custom-shape demo

Serpentine chart

Automatically create waved charts with configurable number of levels, orientation, radii, and other options.

Check out the demos:

Vertical Serpentine Horizontal Serpentine

Spiral chart

Make a spiral chart in seconds. Configure it the way you like: number of rings, angles, radii, and a number of other options.

A few live Spiral chart demos:

Spiral bars Spiral Gantt Spiral columns

Fully interactive

Charts created with TimeLine chart types are fully interactive – just like any other amCharts 4 chart. Hover effects, tooltips, cursor functionality, animations, zooming, legend toggling, and everything else you expect from a full-fledged chart.

Rich series type support

Add multiple Line, Column, Step, Area series. Mix and match. Stack or cluster them.

Advanced chart features

TimeLine charts are full-fledged charts, which means you can use most of the XY features, like bullets, axis ranges, adapters, event handlers, and everything else.

Extensive documentation

Just like with any other chart type, TimeLine add-on comes with extensive, step-by-step documentation.

Read the docs


Click on chart snapshots below for a live version and full code of the chart.


As all our libraries, TimeLine is available completely free. We’ll just ask you to show a small branding link in return.

If, however, you’d like an unbranded chart, then you’ll need a commercial license. While TimeLine is an add-on to amCharts 4 it still requires separate license.

Acquire TimeLine and/or amCharts 4