Weather Map

amCharts Weather Map is a standalone JavaScript application, that provides sleek, real-time weather maps and charts for virtually any city in the World.

The primary purpose of Weather Maps is to showcase the diversity of applications amCharts products – Charts and Maps can be used for.

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Weather Map USA  Weather Map France


How does it work?

The app pulls relative data from the OpenWeatherMap API. It’s a web service that provides timely data for various weather-related data.

It then uses amCharts products – JavaScript Maps to show geographical weather information as well as JavaScript Charts to display historical values for temperature, wind, etc.


Using the tool

You can use directly from our website located at or download and install on your own server.

To install on your own web server, grab the files from /build directory on GitHub repository.

Please note, that you will need to request an API key from OpenWeatherMap, before you can use your own copy of the amCharts Weather Map. Click here to request an API key.


Modifying and re-purposing

amCharts Weather Map is available under Apache 2.0 license, which basically means you can take it and do whatever you want with it. Full source code is available in GitHub repository.


Country-specific maps

The tool is available for most of the individual countries as well.

To load a map weather map for a specific country, append ?map=country_name to the address. I.e.:



Important thing to know is this: amCharts Weather Map is not a product. It’s rather a showcase of what can be done with amCharts products. While we’ll do our best to answer your queries in GitHub issue tracker, we won’t be able to extend full-fledged amCharts support service to this tool.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I run this on MacOS, Windows, [insert your OS here]?

You can’t. It’s a web application, meaning it needs to run from a web server and be accessed with a web browser.

Do you provide custom versions?

No, sorry. This app is provided as a showcase, proof-of-concept and is not a full-fledged product.

Do you provide support for this app?

No, I’m afraid. If you notice a bug, you may file an issue on GitHub. But we can’t promise a full support on this app.

Can I acquire a commercial license?

No, Weather Map is provided for free, as is.

Is the OpenWeatherMap service free?

Yes, for low traffic websites and testing. Their free plan allows up to 60 requests per minute, which makes it 10 requests per second. It should be enough for 2-3 users simultaneously using the tool.

If you expect a bigger traffic than that, you might want to purchase their commercial subscription which starts at $40 per month.

Can I put my paws on those super-cool animated weather icons?

Those were developed by us here at amCharts, and are available for your use for free. Click here for more info.