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Drill-down, zoomable Voronoi Treemap

Voronoi treemaps (diagrams) are a data visualization technique that combines the concepts of Voronoi diagrams and treemaps to represent hierarchical data. In a Voronoi treemap, the available space is divided into cells based on the Voronoi diagram, where each cell represents a portion of the data. The hierarchical structure is encoded by nesting cells within each other, with larger cells containing smaller cells. The size of each cell corresponds to a quantitative value associated with the data element it represents. By employing this approach, Voronoi treemaps offer a visually appealing and space-filling representation of hierarchical data, allowing users to explore the data’s structure and proportions in a hierarchical context.

This chart is added to a Zoomable Container, so you can pan, zoom-in and zoom-out this chart using mouse wheel, pinch-zoom or zoom tools on the bottom-right.

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