Buying FAQ

License-related questions

I’m a little confused about which license type to choose. Can you help me figure it out?

Please visit this page which provides some explanation about available license types.

Can I read the fine print of the license agreement?

Here you go:

Is this subscription or one time fee?

amCharts offers licenses as both annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses.

Subscription licenses will renew annually.

Perpetual licenses will never expire.

Choose which license you need in our Online Store.

What happens if I don’t renew my license subscription?

The stuff you made with the purchased amCharts libraries while the subscription was active will continue to function normally. Indefinitely.

However, you will need an active subscription if you need to modify existing products you used amCharts for, or make something new.

Can I cancel or resume my subscription?

Yes. You can disable auto-renewal of your license or support subscription at any time using self-service tools.

When disabled, the subscription will still be active until its next billing date.

You can resume the subscription at any time.

I have front-end and back-end developers, testers, and managers as part of my team. How do I count number of developer seats required?

Rule of thumb is to count how many members of the team will do actual coding using amCharts libraries.

Counted towards developer seats: Front-end developers, who will do actual implementation of amCharts libraries.

Not counted towards developer seats: Back-end developers (amCharts is a front-end library), testers, managers.

Can I disable auto-renewal of my subscriptions?

Yes. You can disable auto-renewal of the subscription during checkout, or later at any time, using our online tools.

Can I add developer seats to my subscriptions?

Yes. You can add additional seats at any time using subscription self-service tools.

Added seats will be charged using pro-rated amount, based on the time remaining to your next billing cycle.

Can I remove developer seats to my subscriptions?

Yes. However, the change will take effect from your next billing cycle. We won’t be able to reimburse you the amount that is already paid.

Pricing, Payment and Billing

What payment options do you support?

Credit card, PayPal, wire transfer or purchase order.

Can I pay using purchase order?

Purchase order is available for orders valued US$400 or more.

Will I receive an official invoice?

Yes, you will receive a receipt by email.

I represent a small startup. Is there any way you can help me lower the upfront license costs?

Contact us. I’m pretty sure we can work out a mutually acceptable payment solution.

Can I receive an official quotation?

Absolutely. Please contact us directly at or use our online contact form.

Can I purchase through a reseller?

Yes. Lots of companies purchase our products through resellers. Chances are that your favorite software vendor is already set up as amCharts reseller. Just ask them. Make sure you explain exactly what products and license types do you need.

Contact us if you’d like a list of established resellers in your area.

VAT and other Taxes

I’m a business incorporated in a EU country. Do I have to pay VAT?

No. Just enter your EU VAT ID in the appropriate field on the checkout page.

The only exception are purchases from Germany. Since you will be buying from a German company, as per regulations, you will need to pay MwSt, and later reimburse it with your tax authority.

I’m buying from outside EU, are there any taxes involved?

Depends on a a country your are located in. For example Japan and South Korea requires EU vendors to charge some additional taxes for all sales of electronic goods (licenses) to their respective countries. This is beyond us – the respective tax will be added on top of the listed license price.

Please refer to this page for a full list of countries and applicable taxes.

I’m a business incorporated outside EU. Why am I being charged VAT?

You’re probably enjoying your time on a Spanish beach or are in some other EU country at the moment. The EU laws require us to charge VAT of the country the sale originates from, regardless if it’s for a company incorporated outside EU. As weird as it may sound, it’s a law, and there’s no way around it, except to hold off your purchase until you’re back home, or ask your colleague back at the office to place the order for you.

Another possibility is that you are residing in one of the countries that have some sort of a taxation treaty with an EU for electronic goods. For example Japan or South Korea. Those things are beyond our control. Refer to this page for further info.

Finally, if you are residing in Switzerland, the TVA tax will be added. This is because cleverbridge AG – a company handling our sales – has local presence in country, requiring it to charge the tax. The tax can be fully compensated via your local tax authorities.


When will I receive purchased products?

If you use instant payment options like Credit card or PayPal you will be able to the software immediately after purchase. Other payment types will incur some until your payment or purchase order clears.

Are all your products delivered electronically?

Yes. There will be no physical shipping of the products.


I’m currently using free version of your product. Will I need to change anything in my code in order to use commercial version?

No. A single line of code will remove amCharts branding.