Information about taxes

Based on various e-commerce regulations that are in effect in EU as well as trade agreements between EU and non-EU countries, the following taxes might be applied to your order.

amCharts sales are conducted from EU (Germany), which makes us subject to following all EU tax-related legislations.

Please refer to section that is relevant to your specific country below.

If in doubt, please contact amCharts.


amCharts licenses are sold by a German company cleverbridge AG. According to German tax laws, a German company purchasing from another German company must pay VAT (MwSt) of 19% which will be refunded to you at the next month’s declaration. No VAT ID field will be provided during checkout, because it’s not needed.

European Union (EU) countries

As per EU regulations, the following VAT percentages will be charged based on the current residence of the buyer, unless you provide a valid EU VAT ID.

Please note that legislation requires us to charge VAT of the EU country you are currently located in, even if you are purchasing for a company that is located outside EU.

  • Luxembourg – 17%
  • Malta – 18%
  • Cyprus – 19%
  • Germany – 19%
  • France – 20%
  • Austria – 20%
  • Bulgaria – 20%
  • Estonia – 20%
  • Slovakia – 20%
  • United Kingdom – 20%
  • Belgium – 21%
  • Czech Republic – 21%
  • Latvia – 21%
  • Lithuania – 21%
  • Netherlands – 21%
  • Spain – 21%
  • Slovenia – 22%
  • Italy – 22%
  • Greece – 24%
  • Ireland – 23%
  • Poland – 23%
  • Portugal – 23%
  • Finland – 24%
  • Romania – 20%
  • Croatia – 25%
  • Denmark – 25%
  • Sweden – 25%
  • Hungary – 27%

To alleviate the VAT, please enter your EU VAT ID into appropriate field when ordering:

VAT rates applied in non-EU countries


  • Starting July 1st 2017, electronic services to Australian consumers are subject to Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax) of 10%.
  • This is only applicable for consumers. Business customers are able to enter their GST number during the ordering process to get the GST amount removed from their purchase.


  • VAT of 5% is collected from B2C and B2B customers residing in Bahrain.


  • VAT of 20% is collected from Belorussian B2C and B2B customers.


  • VAT of 19% is collected from Colombian customers.


  • Starting August 2, 2017, we have to collect 24% VAT (value-added tax) from business customers and consumers in Iceland.


  • As per agreements between EU and India, GST of 18% is collected from Indian B2C customers and B2B.
  • The GST amount can be refunded after purchase, if a B2B customer provides us with their GST number and a Certificate of Residence or Tax Registration Form.


  • VAT of 8% since July 1, 2015

New Zealand

  • Starting October 1st, 2016 we have to collect 15% GST (Goods and Services Tax) for purchases made by customers from New Zealand.
  • The government of New Zealand has made the decision to charge 15% on goods and services.
  • This is only applicable for consumers. Business customers are able to enter their GST number during the ordering process to get the GST amount removed from their purchase.


  • Since 2019 all customers (Including business, B2C) from Norway are charged Norwegian VAT of 25%.
  • If you are a business customers, you can recover these VAT charges when filing your tax returns.

Québec City

  • VAT of 9.975% is collected from all customers residing in Québec City.


  • VAT of 20% is collected from B2C and B2B customers residing in Russia.

Saudi Arabia

  • VAT of 5% is collected from B2C and B2B customers residing in Saudi Arabia.

South Korea

  • South Korea, VAT of 10% since July 1, 2015.
  • Change in VAT regulation for purchases of electronic services for South Korean customers since July 1, 2015.
  • The change was imposed by the South Korean legislation.
  • Before the change, the South Korean legislation did not impose a VAT on purchases for electronic purchases until 30th June 2015 if the seller was located outside of South Korea.
  • The Korean VAT has been changed with the consequence that all foreign companies providing e-services to Korean customers are obliged to charge/collect Korean VAT and pay the taxes to the Korean tax authorities on a quarterly basis. Therefore, in line with the Korean tax law our invoices are stating 10% Korean VAT.
  • As a tax compliant company we always pay our taxes to the respective tax authorities.
  • Invoices sent to customers and stating that their payment is taxed with 10% Korean VAT should be sufficient for customers to claim preliminary VAT. We are not to provide evidence to customers regarding tax payments in Korea, the Korean NTS should know which companies are registered for VAT purposes and pay taxes respectively.


  • In Switzerland and Liechtenstein we have to charge 7.7% VAT to all customer – B2B and B2C


  • Starting May 1, 2017, according to a regulation that determines tax obligation based on the location of the consumer electronic services to Taiwanese consumers are subject to Taiwanese VAT of 5%.


  • Starting January 1, 2018 – VAT of 18% is collected from B2C and B2B customers from Turkey.

United Arab Emirates

  • Starting January 1, 2018 – VAT of 5% is collected from B2C and B2B customers from United Arab Emirates.

United Sates of America

  • Starting October 8th, 2018 the following VAT is collected from buyers from these states:
    Hawaii – 4%
    Mississippi – 7%
    Alabama – 4%
    Maryland – 6%
    Massachusetts – 6.25%
  • For more information on why and how the VAT is collected, please refer to this blog post from our sales service provider – cleverbridge.