Information about taxes

All amCharts sales are conducted via U.S.-based company – FastSpring.

FastSpring collects taxes on all purchases of amCharts licenses and services based on trade agreements in place between United States and the country of the purchaser.

Please refer to the relevant section below for additional information, or if in doubt, please contact amCharts.

United States

Regular purchases

For purchases from United States, processor collects appropriate state sales tax. The tax will be applied to the purchase automatically, based on your address.

Tax-exempt purchases

If your company or organization is tax-exempt, you may be eligible for the refund of the tax amount.

To do so please proceed with the purchase, then request a refund using 5 basic steps.

European Union countries

As per agreements between EU and US, we require collecting VAT applicable in the member state of the purchaser, unless he or she provides a valid EU VAT ID.

I have an EU VAT ID

Great! Make sure you check the “I want to enter a tax ID” box, enter your VAT ID, and click Apply Tax ID button.

If the VAT ID is correct, no additional charges will be charged.

I don’t have a VAT ID

This means you’re an end-user, which requires us to collect the VAT, just like on any purchase, like book, car or a TV set.

I forgot to enter my VAT ID during order

No worries. Just request a VAT refund.

Rest of the world

The taxation for the rest of the world depends agreements between US and those countries.

Some countries, like India and Australia, require us to charge their sales taxes, while others don’t.

No-tax countries

If there is no tax displayed for your purchase, it means we do not have to charge it. You’re all set.

Verifiable tax exemption

If there is a possibility to verify your tax-exemption status at the moment of purchase, a special box will be shown in amCharts store:

Make sure you tick the “I want to enter a tax ID” box, enter your tax ID, and click “Apply Tax ID” button.

Our system will verify it and remove the tax if possible.

Non-verifiable tax exemption

Some countries do not provide automatic tax ID check. For those purchases you will need to proceed with the purchase with tax, then request a tax refund afterwards.

Refunding taxes

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Click the Drop Down -> Select “VAT/Sales Tax Questions”.
  3. Scroll to bottom of the page -> Click “Contact Support”.
  4. Fill in the necessary info and upload your Tax Exemption Certificate.
  5. Support will refund the tax back to you within 48 hours.


If you still have any questions regarding purchase process, taxes, or licenses, please do not hesitate to contact us.