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Stacked Area

Stacked Area Chart (also known as Stacked Area Plot) is a variation on a simple Area Chart with multiple areas stacked on top of each other. This allows comparing the evolution of the whole as well as contributions of individual parts over a period.

Stacked line series

Line series can easily be stacked by setting a single property: stacked. That’s it – the chart will take care of the rest.

More about stacking series

Toggling and pre-hiding series

Series can be easily toggled via legend. A series can also start as pre-hidden if you set its hidden property to true.

More about pre-hiding series

Vertical ranges and guides

Any axis can contain vertical bands or guide lines added, with an optional label, to indicate certain ranges or points in the chart.

More about axis ranges and guides

HTML tooltips

When displaying a lot of rich information in a tooltip, sometimes SVG is not enough. In those cases, like in this demo, we can opt for an HTML-enabled tooltip, setting tooltipHTML.

More info about HTML tooltips

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