amCharts introduces an open-source Weather Map tool

Here at amCharts we do love all kinds of crazy solutions that people do with our products. Sometimes, we go ahead and do our own in-hours projects as well. Today we’re announcing one of such tools – Weather Map. It’s an open-source tool, build on top of our JavaScript Maps and JavaScript Charts products as […]

amCharts WordPress plugin is now WPML-certified

WPML is a de facto standard when it comes to multi-lingual WordPress websites. For the past weeks amCharts and WPML teams worked together to making our own WordPress plugin and WPML compatible. We’re extremely happy that amCharts WP plugin is now fully certified as WPML Compatible. amCharts for WP will now automatically detect WPML and show […]

amCharts React component is now available

For those, using amCharts products with React framework, we now have an official component. Head over to this GitHub repository for more details and download.

New version 3.20.4 features accessibility enhancements and automatic grid syncing

A lot of improvements related with accessibility of charts and maps: tabIndex property added to: AmLegend, AmGraph, Title, Label, AmSlicedChart, ChartScrollbar and ChartCursor. In case you set it to some number, the chart will set focus on this element when user hits tab key (after setting focus on all elements with lower tabIndex). When a […]

Version 3.20.0 introduces accessibility support

We have just released a new version – 3.20.0 of our charts and maps products. Probably the most notable change is the addition of accessibility features. The descriptive WAI-ARIA labels are now automatically added to key elements like chart columns or map areas. This allows vision-impaired users using screen readers get a feel of the […]