New massive update V3.18 brings a slew of exciting features

After record-breaking nearly two months in the making, version 3.18 is finally out! The main features of this release are dramatic performance enhancements, zoomable/scrollable value axes, pinch-to-zoom gesture support on serial charts, smoother animations, radial gradients in pie charts, and the whole new drop-shaped balloon option. Head over to our Download section to grab the […]

Use case: – a website dedicated to kitesurfing community in The Netherlands – took it to amCharts to visualize their data on weather conditions. The developers pushed the charts to the limit by applying a number of advanced techniques to make the charts both very useful and attractive. This post will outline a few of those. […]

New V3.16 with revamped touch controls, crisp-clear icons released

We’re happy to announce that we just released a new milestone Version 3.16 across all amCharts products. If you’re using amCharts CDN, you’re already set. If you’re hosting your own libraries, grab the update from Downloads (free version) or Support area (commercial versions). Revamped touch device support The most notable change is a completely revamped […]

Export now supports annotating charts with text, icons, arrows

The new 3.15 version of our products brings a significant upgrade to the Export plugin. Among some under-the-hood enhancements it introduces new tools to its annotation mode.   In addition to adding curves, you can now add icons, lines, arrows and text. You can now also set opacity for all those objects. And, if you have […]

Version 3.14 Released – Our biggest update ever

We have just released a new version 3.14 (or PI as we called internally). And since π is the coolest number, it had to be the most exciting update to V3 product line ever. If you’re eager to get the complete list of changes and updates, skip to the end of this post. Otherwise, here […]

Fun with physics in Data Visualization

Some time ago we made a little demo where our charting library is used together with box2d physics engine. While working on it, some more thoughts came to our minds. Those eventually materialized into an article on Smashing Magazine. Enjoy!

Non-overlapping bubbles instead of countries + GRAVITY

OK, so you can easily create a bubble map with amCharts, where bubble is placed in the middle of a country area and the size of a bubble depends on some value in your data. That is nice, however what if I want to have those fancy maps which you can find in National Geographic […]

Introducing responsive charts and maps

The release of version 3.13 marks important milestone – true responsive features. [Download] These features come in the form of our own in-house developed plugin – first in the series. Available directly in the /plugins/responsive/ subdirectory in the ZIP archive of all amCharts products. How does it work? The plugin works by scaling-down and -up […]