Volume Profile Indicator

The Volume Profile indicator is a tool used in technical analysis to illustrate the distribution of trading volume across different price levels during a specified period. It’s bundled into amCharts Stock Chart.

On-line Chart Bullet Editor

amCharts 5 allows using any element – complex or basic – as a bullet in its charts. You can add a simple Circle element, or the whole other chart as a bullet – whatever is needed. TL;DR We do have a bullet code editor. Don’t want to scroll to the end? Launch it now in […]

Arc Diagrams

What is it? An arc diagram is a visualization technique that represents relationships or connections between entities. Typically used in graph theory and network analysis, an arc diagram displays nodes as points along a straight line or axis, with arcs or curves connecting pairs of nodes to represent relationships. The bullets the arcs connect can […]

Interactive Maps with Clustered Points/Markers

What’s this? Maps can look messy with too many markers, affecting user experience and usability. To tackle this, amCharts 5: Maps – starting with version 5.5.6 – introduces a ClusteredPointSeries. This feature neatly groups closely packed markers into a single “group” marker, simplifying the interface. It also handles clustering and unclustering automatically when zooming in […]

amCharts vs. FusionCharts – License price analysis

About this analysis During recent months, certain information has come to our attention that compares amCharts to other libraries in terms of license cost. Since the information appeared to be manipulated, we decided to run our own – unbiased analysis. Here’s how amCharts compares to FusionCharts in terms of license fees and total cost of […]

Voronoi Treemap

A Voronoi treemap is a data visualization technique used to represent hierarchical or categorized information in a structured and space-filling manner. amCharts 5 supports both square and circular Voronoi Treemaps.

Draggable Oversold/Overbought Indicator Ranges

amCharts 5: Stock Chart comes bundled with a lot of technical indicators. Some of them use Oversold/Overbought range. These are: Starting from version 5.5.3 the Oversold and Overbought limits can be directly manipulated by dragging grip on the respective lines in the chart itself. Demo Related docs