DataViz Tip #1: Sort your bar charts by value

Every week we will post a data visualization tip to help you create better visualizations and provide a way to take advantage of the concept using amCharts (where applicable). Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about new tips and more. Your data may come in some order or no particular order at all. Whenever […]

Fun with physics in Data Visualization

Some time ago we made a little demo where our charting library is used together with box2d physics engine. While working on it, some more thoughts came to our minds. Those eventually materialized into an article on Smashing Magazine. Enjoy!

Non-overlapping bubbles instead of countries + GRAVITY

OK, so you can easily create a bubble map with amCharts, where bubble is placed in the middle of a country area and the size of a bubble depends on some value in your data. That is nice, however what if I want to have those fancy maps which you can find in National Geographic […]