New version 3.20.4 features accessibility enhancements and automatic grid syncing

A lot of improvements related with accessibility of charts and maps: tabIndex property added to: AmLegend, AmGraph, Title, Label, AmSlicedChart, ChartScrollbar and ChartCursor. In case you set it to some number, the chart will set focus on this element when user hits tab key (after setting focus on all elements with lower tabIndex). When a […]

Version 3.20.0 introduces accessibility support

We have just released a new version – 3.20.0 of our charts and maps products. Probably the most notable change is the addition of accessibility features. The descriptive WAI-ARIA labels are now automatically added to key elements like chart columns or map areas. This allows vision-impaired users using screen readers get a feel of the […]

Version 3.14 Released – Our biggest update ever

We have just released a new version 3.14 (or PI as we called internally). And since π is the coolest number, it had to be the most exciting update to V3 product line ever. If you’re eager to get the complete list of changes and updates, skip to the end of this post. Otherwise, here […]

JavaScript Charts 3.11 Brings New 3D Features

We have just released a new version of both JavaScript Charts and JavaScript Stock Chart products. The most notable improvement is the additional of new cylindrical 3D features to most of the chart types. Effective immediately you can create stunning new charts like 3D cylinder columns, Barrel gauges, 3D funnels, and many more. Check out […]

New massive V3.10 update

We have just released a new Version 3.10 of both JavaScript Charts and JavaScript Stock Chart. It’s full of dramatically awesome new features hence the bumped up to 3.10. Here’s a scoop of what’s new: fillToAxis property added to AmGraph. It can only be used with AmXYCharts. If you set this property to id or reference of your […]

Charts, Stock, Maps milestone V3.9 released

We have just released a new version 3.9 of our three main products: JavaScript Charts, JavaScript Stock Charts and JavaScript Maps. For those keeping track, we skipped a few digits for charts in order to catch up with the Maps to further simplify versioning. Feature-wise, the most notable development across all the three products is […]

3.4.0: Auto-wrapping, scrolling with mouse wheel

V 3.4.0 of our JavaScript and Stock charts was released today. Users of free license will be happy, as they’ll be able to adjust position of a link to web site, scrolling with mouse wheel added, wrapping of category axis labels and some more cool features were added in this version. Full list of […]

3.0.0: What’s New?

Pardon us if this will seem a bit out of blue, but we’re proud to announce that we have just released a version 3 of our JavaScript Charts and JavaScript Stock Charts libraries. Read on to see what’s new. Upgrade notes are at the end of this article. New chart types Funnel / Pyramid chart. Check […]