Version 3.12 of JavaScript Charts and Maps brings the power of CSS styling

The release of the milestone 3.12 version of all amCharts products – JavaScript Charts, JavaScript Stock Chart, and JavaScript Maps – brings an important improvement – the power of CSS styling.

If enabled, the chart or map will attach relative class names to virtually any element. (or its sub-elements) This opens up endless capabilities to style, animate and otherwise modify the appearance and behavior of your charts and maps.

Here’s an example of the chart, enhanced CSS:

See the Pen CSS Animations by amCharts (@amcharts) on CodePen.

Getting started

Take a look at this tutorial to get you started.

Compatibility note

Styling with CSS is supported on modern browsers that use SVG. Legacy browsers such as IE7 and older that use VML to render graphs are not supported, because VML is not compatible with CSS.

Furthermore, even the latest versions of Internet Explorer do not support CSS animations of SVG elements.