New massive V3.10 update

We have just released a new Version 3.10 of both JavaScript Charts and JavaScript Stock Chart. It’s full of dramatically awesome new features hence the bumped up to 3.10.

Here’s a scoop of what’s new:

  • fillToAxis property added to AmGraph. It can only be used with AmXYCharts. If you set this property to id or reference of your X or Y axis, and the fillAlphas is > 0, the area between graph and axis will be filled with color, like in this demo.
  • showAt property added to StockEvent. It will allow you to place bullets at open, close, low or high values (mostly used with candlestick/ohlc graphs)
  • value property added to StockEvent. It will allow you positioning stock event bullets at any value you want.
  • useNegativeColorIfDown property added to AmGraph. If negativeLineColor and/or negativeFillColors are set and useNegativeColorIfDown is set to true (default is false), the line, step and column graphs will use these colors for lines, bullets or columns if previous value is bigger than current value. In case you set openField for the graph, the graph will compare current value with openField value instead of comparing to previous value. Here is a demo.
  • expand property added to Guide. Works if a guide is added to CategoryAxis and this axis is non-date-based. If you set it to true, the guide will start (or be placed, if it’s not a fill) on the beginning of the category cell and will end at the end of toCategory cell.
  • balloonText property added to GaugeBand. When rolled-over, band will display balloon if you set some text for this property.
  • labelFunction property added to AmSlicedChart (applies for AmPieChart and AmFunnelChart). You can use it to format data labels in any way you want.
  • clearSelection() method added to ChartCursor. Can be used when selectWithoutZooming is set to true and you need to clear the selection made by user.
  • labelOffset property added to AxisBase. You can use it to adjust position of axes labels. Works both with CategoryAxis and ValueAxis.
  • switchable property added to AmGraph, with default value set to true. If you set it to false, the graph will not be hidden when user clicks on legend entry.
  • valueFunction added to AmLegend. You can use it to format value labels in any way you want.
  • tickPosition property added to CategoryAxis. It can be set to middle (default) or start. Works only with non-date-based data. Demo of tickPosition set to start.
  • labelFunction added to AmGraph. You can use it to format labels of data items in any way you want.
  • Pattern objects can have color property now. If your pattern is transparent, the background will be filled with this color, like in this example.
  • graphBulletAlpha added to ChartCursor. If you make graph’s bullets invisible by setting their opacity to 0 and will set graphBulletAlpha to 1, the bullets will only appear at the cursor’s position. Here is a demo illustrating this.
  • labelColorField added to CategoryAxis. You can use it to set color of a axis label. Works only with non-date-based data.
  • maxLabelWidth added to AmSlicedChart (applies for AmPieChart and AmFunnelChart). If width of the label is bigger than maxLabelWidth, it will be wrapped.
  • labelWidth property added to AmLegend. If width of the label is bigger than labelWidth, it will be wrapped.
  • compareGraphBulletColor property added to StockGraph.
  • Bug fix: balloons no longer flicker if mouse is moved fast on column charts.
  • Bug fix: minSelectedTime and maxSelectedTime was not working properly on AmStockChart.
  • Bug fix: position of data labels in 3D stacked columns was not always accurate.
  • Bug fix: value balloons of ChartCursor were overlapping if the chart was rotated.
  • Bug fix: if a div containing chart/map had CSS3 transformations applied, the mouse position was calculated incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: addGuide method was not working on IE borwsers.
  • Bug fix: Safari could leave previously rendered chart or other objects in the background after the chart was redrawn (only since 3.9.0).

Download a free version from our Downloads page. Commercial versions can be downloaded from our Support area.