3.0.0: What’s New?

Pardon us if this will seem a bit out of blue, but we’re proud to announce that we have just released a version 3 of our JavaScript Charts and JavaScript Stock Charts libraries. Read on to see what’s new. Upgrade notes are at the end of this article.

New chart types

New chart types made with new possibilities of Serial/XY charts

We added lots of new features to our charts and with these features you can create new chart types, like:

Other new features

Check change log for all new features we added.

Several files

As not all users require all type of charts, we spilt the js file into several files – one main amcharts.js file, plus a separate js file for each chart type. This means you can include only the charts you need. If you are worried about number of requests, you can simply copy/paste the source of the charts you use to the main file.

Upgrading / 100% backwards compatibility

Although we changed some default values in order to improve usability of the charts, the only thing you should worry about when upgrading from v2 to v3 is the feature mention above – you should include two or more js files in order your charts to work. If you don’t like the changed defaults, you can always set them to the previous values in your chart setup.


Please note the new address for class reference: http://docs.amcharts.com/3/

The old class reference is frozen for the users still using Version 2 of the charting libraries.

License validity

Users who have purchased a license for V2 charts in the last 6 months or have purchased extended support option, can go directly to our customer area and download the latest version completely free of charge.

For the others, we have made reasonably priced upgrade options available as well. Please log into our customer area for links to upgrade.

As always, if you have any question regarding licensing or technical amCharts products, contact us.