On-line Chart Bullet Editor

amCharts 5 allows using any element – complex or basic – as a bullet in its charts. You can add a simple Circle element, or the whole other chart as a bullet – whatever is needed.


We do have a bullet code editor. Don’t want to scroll to the end? Launch it now in a separate tab.

Introducing bullet editor

We have whipped together a simple to use bullet editor, which supports several non-common complex bullet types such as flag, pin, star and even custom shape using SVG paths.

Via simple user interface you can tweak bullet appearance like rotation, stroke width, etc., then generate completely functional bullet code you can copy and paste into your chart config.

Using the editor

Try it now

Use the editor below, or open in a separate tab.

See the Pen
amCharts 5 Bullet Editor
by amCharts team (@amcharts)
on CodePen.0

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