23 new localizations in amCharts 4.0.22

The just-released amCharts v.4.0.22 includes 23 new localizations, thanks to Bjorn Svensson!

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More additions and fixes were made between versions 4.0.18 and 4.0.22. Here’s the change log:


  • 23 new locales: Arabic, Bosnian, Catalan, Czech, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (simplified and traditional versions). Thanks Bjorn Svensson!
  • JSON: Better id checking and error reporting.


  • It is no longer necessary to use "strictFunctionTypes": false, thanks to goloveychuk for their help.
  • Broken images were causing export to fail.
  • Setting Series’ name to a number with percent sign was resulting in breakage of the whole chart.
  • Issues that caused errors in Map an Percent charts on data update and dispose fixed.
  • Chart with ColumnSeries was failing with an error when data was updated.
  • MapLineSeries with direct data set were somewhat broken since last update.
  • Export menu no longer shows DATA menu for MapChart (and other charts if data is empty).
  • JSON: Some empty properties like dummyData were not being set properly.
  • Disposing a chart or series when Legend was enbled was resulting in error.