amCharts to build a pedestrian bridge in China

<April fools’ joke>

Since we started working on our new beautiful website last year, we also embarked on a totally different albeit closely related project in parallel. In its early stages we made sure it was kept closely under wraps. While some of the information inadvertently leaked on the web, we managed to keep our involvement secret.

Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen! We are very proud to announce that we are going to build a bridge!

The bridge design is a result of a fruitful collaboration by amCharts engineers (hey we’re a charting company) and Dutch architect firm NEXT Architects. The construction of this monumental structure is expected to start this year. A pedestrian bridge in Changsha, China will bear the resemblance and pay tribute to our new website.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Hungry for more info? Here’s some buzz from media:

</April fools’ joke>