Introducing clearer licensing terms for all purchases after 2017 January 1st

Based on feedback from our commercial users, we have incorporated some minor changes to our commercial licensing terms. The changes take effect immediately and will be applicable to all purchases made on or after January 1st, 2017.

The changes have been designed to both make licenses more transparent and clear, as well as loosen some of the restrictions that did not make a lot of sense.

Here’s a scoop of what’s changed:

  • Single website license is no longer restricted to a single physical server. In a cloud hosting era, there’s no fine line between physical and virtual servers.
  • Single website license now CAN be used in a websites that require log in or are not publicly accessible, i.e. intranet websites. If your website displays the same charts/maps for all users, you can use Single website license regardless of how this website is accessed.
  • We have reworded SaaS/App and OEM licenses so that there’s no longer doubt if the application you produce can be resold by 3rd party resellers.
  • Extended OEM license now explicitly allows use of the license for both the purchaser company AND its wholly owned or controlled subsidiaries. This basically means that a parent company can purchase one Extended OEM license and allow all of its subsidiaries across the world to make full use of it for their own purposes. Contact amCharts for further details about Extended OEM license.
  • All licenses now explicitly allow licenses transfers to other business entities in events of acquisitions or mergers.

To view the fine print of each license, go to our Online Store and click “Read license” link next to the product/license price.

Should you have any questions regarding the above changes, or any other license-related inquiry, feel free to contact us.