Our new web site

It’s a bit more than a week since we launched our new web site. We were and still are doing some polishing, but we think that the time to shout loud about it has come.

What’s new

We are really proud of this web site – it demonstrates features of our products well, it was filled with a new samples of charts, you can check how every chart looks with different themes, we wrote a bunch of new tutorials and we also created a new user support and commercial downloads page. All these things should make your experience using amCharts a lot better.


You might notice that we changed the currency of our products prices from Euro to USD. We changed the currency, but not the prices – if there is a difference, then it is very minor, mostly because the exchange rate is not stable.

Old forum and deprecated products

We had some complains that we removed old forum. Indeed we did, but we had strong reason for that. The forum was closed for quite a time and it contained mostly  outdated information, which caused a lot of trouble for us. We gathered the most valuable information and made tutorials out of it. We are happy to help you – in case you have questions, just submit a ticket. You don’t have to be commercial user to do that. In case you still prefer community support – use StackOverflow web site. We do monitor it too. In case you need to download old products, visit deprecated downloads page. Commercial license owners can still access old download location to get them. And here is flash version documentation of amCharts and amMap.

Facebook and Google+

We have created a Facebook and Google+ page where you can subscribe follow or get in touch with us. And as always, you can follow us on Twitter too.

Vote for us on The FWA!

As we think our new web site is really good, we submitted it to The FWA awards. Vote for us!


Thanks a lot for being with us,

amCharts Team.