Charts and Maps plugin for WordPress

You asked, we listened. Introducing amCharts plugin for the sexiest CMS platform in the world – WordPress. Available now in WordPress plugin directory or directly from your WordPress admin plugin install page.

Motion-chart and Motion-map demo

If you do something with stats, you must know Gapminder and it’s amazing data visualization widget, The World. And even if you don’t like numbers, most likely you’ve seen one of the videos with Hans Rosling, this one is the one of the best.  As we produce charts and maps, it’s quite often that people […]

Our new web site

It’s a bit more than a week since we launched our new web site. We were and still are doing some polishing, but we think that the time to shout loud about it has come. What’s new We are really proud of this web site – it demonstrates features of our products well, it was […]