DataViz Tip #28: Chart Types: Radar and Polar Charts

Radar and Polar charts help you represent series of quantitative variables in a circular manner on axes starting from the same point. You can think of Radar chart as a radial version of a line chart, and Polar chart as a radial bar chart. Both chart types are at their best when variables in a […]

DataViz Tip #27: Chart Types: Treemap

Treemaps are a great data visualization tool to represent data items as part of a whole. Items in a treemap are represented as rectangles proportionally to their value and fill up the entire chart area. This lets viewers perceive their relative size much better than with slices in a pie chart and it also lends […]

DataViz Tip #26: Chart Types: Sankey Diagram

In this and several of the following tips, we will cover some of the more “exotic” chart types you can use to visualize your data. Today we are starting with a Sankey Diagram. Sankey diagrams are used to depict the flow of data between several categories. This chart type is very good at giving viewers […]

DataViz Tip #25: Credit Sources, Disclose Assumptions

Your data visualizations are based on data (duh!). This data comes from somewhere. When it’s not your data, remember to credit the source. And even when it’s yours a good explanation of where this data comes from and how it was collected goes a long way towards setting the playing field and expectations for the […]